Sunday, February 3, 2013


Today I did a DIS sponsored group walk called "Cool in Copenhagen- a guided walk through Copenhagen's trendiest neighborhood: Vesterboro" My host family prepared a huge breakfast this morning of pancakes (they weren't quite American pancakes but they were yummy), bacon (my fav), eggs, pastries, bread, bananas, apples, pineapple, oranges, tea, and coffee. So I was stuffed. Running late, Julia drove me to the station and I just barely caught the train.

I ended up getting to CPH early so I wandered around and bought 4 more postcards. I met up with the other DIS students on the tour and they were all really cool and chill. A woman who looked to be our age, checked our names off a list and walked us over to the CPH tourist office. A guy from the tour bus company gave us a speech about why we should pay 118kr to go on his "hop on hop off copenhagen double decker bus." The leader woman said he wasn't with us. All of us kinda laughed because we thought he was going to be our tour guide. The woman told us to huddle up for warmth and wait. Two minutes later, a nice Danish woman named Signe told us she would be our tour guide through Vesterboro.

She took us in front of Tivoli, and told us to come back in April to go inside. Next we went to outside a movie theatre that used to be painted all white but was recently painted in color and it took the citizens a while to learn to like the colorful building.

Our tour guide took us into a really fancy hotel lobby where we each sat in black leather egg chairs and she told us a little about Danish design. Fun fact: The egg chair is a Danish design.

Me sitting in a Danish design-- the egg chair.

A black egg chair in a fancy hotel. 
Next we went to the Vesterboro neighborhood which I think means West bridge because Norreboro means North bridge. We passed by at least 3 porn shops and I guess those affected my impression of Vesterboro. She showed us where fun cafes and yummy places to eat were in the area.

A cool heart shaped statue with graffiti. 
I thought the name of this was entertaining because it's from that movie with Robin Williams. 
After, we went to the meat packing district. I've heard about this place so was excited to finally see it. Since it's a Sunday, not much was open so I'm sure it looks much more inviting during the week. 

Nice ride. In the meat packing district. 

In the meat packing district 

An all seeing eye will protect your bike in the meat packing district. jk 

Behind the green walls, they are working on the new metro which will be doen in 2018. So don't hold your breath.

Really cool graffiti art 

I loved this pink car! 

This wall was built by a king for his shooting range. Now it's a playground. 

Cool parrot slide 

Really cool parrot slide. 
We almost got hit by the small child. 
Fun graffiti 

Cute family friendly sign 

 We (me and a group of DIS students i met) were going to go to the Copenhagen Museum but it cost money.

A mini old Copenhagen, by the Museum of Copenhagen 

So instead we went to a free museum (maybe only on sunday) which was by Tivoli, the Ny Carlsberg museum.
In the Ny Carlsberg museum in Copenhagen. It reminded me of the Louve 

My favorite room of the museum. 

Me with the heads of the ancient gods and goddesses 

The really cool lobby. Palm trees in Denmark??

I of course loved the horse sculptures made of bronze. 

I'm eager to ride that roller coaster inside Tivoli. 

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  1. I visited Copenhagen in august and loved it so much! I'm just writing my own blogpost about it now! :D