Monday, February 18, 2013

No Deborahs allowed on the train.

Why tell about my day in full coherent sentences when I can just use bullet points instead?
Fun Fact: the best part is in sixth bullet point.

  • Filmed my commute on the train (I'm planning on making a video later
  • Creative Travel Writing
    • I strongly dislike the kid named Colin. His paper was about pissing on the streets. He's the kid with the lisp. He gets on my nerves too much.
  • Break
    • I ate mac n cheese from home and sat and chatted with two friends. 
  • International Reporting
    • we talked about what images were appropriate for the media to show. all of us but two boys agreed it wasn't okay to show a guy with a gun in his mouth. 
  • Strategic Comm
    • last week our professor scheduled a guest lecture who didn't show up so we all left after ten minutes. to apologize, he brought us pastries! I love Denmark. I was a pig and had two. I'm not going to turn down free pastries, hello?? We learned about Media Relations and Global Communications. I felt like the only one who was awake. I learned cool things so everyone else missed out. 

  • Train ride home
    • This was the most exciting part of the day. So me, Cheng, and Shyniece power walk to catch the 6pm train. We reach the platform right as the conductor blows the whistle. Cheng and Shyniece jump on and I shove my body in between the closing doors. They stopped closing once the doors felt the resistance. But the train conductor woman shook her head at me and told me no and pushed me out of the car. How rude! I was left on the platform watching my friends speed past me. We exchanged confused looks. Cheng called me and said to meet at Osterport, the next stop. The older man next to me on the platform asked if I was in DIS and I said yes. He told me he worked there and was in charge of finances and was the one who bought the train passes. I asked him why the conductor kicked me off and he explained how the Danes had gotten mad at the trains for always being late so the trains ruled that if you weren't on the train in time, you couldn't get on. I still don't see why I had to be physically pushed away off the train. We chatted until the next train came. I was about to get off at the next train stop when Cheng and Shyniece hopped on. Wow! So it all worked out and we traveled home together. 
  • Pernille photoshoot
    • For my photojournalism class, I realized last night I needed to take photos. Yikes! So I facebooked Pernille (my host family's cousin) and asked if i could tag along with her to whatever she was doing tonight. Thank goodness she said yes. She drove me to her friend Leila's house and let me take pictures while they chatted. It reminded me of what I do with my friends. Just talk. About life, boys, the weather, etc. They were both so nice and kept asking me about myself. I felt like a friend joining the talk rather than a kid doing a photojournalism project. To take pictures, I asked them to talk Danish so I could take the photos easily. It was a really fun time and I'm so thankful Pernille is so nice. 
  • Home
    • came home, ate some leftovers, and read the first chapter of the book my mom got me (Thanks.) 

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