Friday, February 1, 2013



Today was a pretty average day.
I rode my bike (well, Julia's bike since she has a car now) to the train station. I was struggling up a hill and two Danish bikers flew past me. I made it to the train station right as the train had pulled in and I saw those two Danes and thought to myself "haha I still caught the same train as you."

My photojournalism class was the low point of my day. He made us display our 6 photographs and get into groups to go around and choose the best 3 pictures. Wow, way to make my self esteem plummet even more, professor.  He spent the rest of the class praising and questioning the chosen photographs and we were stuck standing in the middle of the class. Do you know how much it stinks to stand for over a half hour and just listen to a man drown on about how one time he worked really hard on a set of pictures and then it got rejected by a magazine. I thought that was too personal of a fact and it seemed that complaining to the class was some sort of coping mechanism for him. I guess I'm pretty harsh on this class. I hope it gets better.

In human trafficking, we compared the three different written documents about human trafficking in europe.  There were a lot of similarities and differences between them. Then we watched an uber depressing video about a girl who was about to be trafficked in Nigeria. She was all excited to go to Italy but had to swear a jou jou oath to a witch doctor that would make her swear to repay her debt once she got to Italy. Apparently it's with that oath that the traffickers can control and manipulate their victims. It was very heartbreaking to hear this girl say, "Oh it won't happen to me" when the tv journalist was telling her all about how girls from Nigeria go into forced prostitution once they reach Italy.

I came back to my host family's house and baked apple muffins. I had planned the night before that I would make them. I knew I needed to buy brown sugar and baking power so I went to Irma (a grocery store) and bought those. I've been looking for grape jelly so I looked at the jelly aisle and asked a man if any of them were grape. He said no they don't have those in Denmark. So I just bought the blueberry jelly. I hope it tastes good with peanut butter.
I baked the apple muffins with Julia because she was home. It turned out we didn't have enough butter so she drove to the store to buy some. I think she was happy to have an excuse to drive.
I used this recipe for the muffins:

Before dinner, my host family showed me this doorbell they had in the kitchen and told me it was to call down Julia and Signe from their rooms for dinner. They have the receiver in their rooms that plays a loud doorbell noise. Wtf? It was something like calling for a dog. Ringing a bell. They said it was easier than calling upstairs for them to come down. I still think it's weird to have a two way doorbell, just to ask someone to come down.

Used to call down Danish children. 
I finally took some pictures today. Here they are:

Apple muffins that me and Julia baked. 

Apple muffins with cinnamon sugar topping. 

Right out of the oven. 

The train I take. 

I've been here. 

And I've eaten here. 

It was snowing today but you can't really see it. 

Copenhagen, walking back to the train. 

Walking to the trian

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