Thursday, February 21, 2013

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard


I woke up with a nasty sore throat this morning. I told my host parents and my host mom suggested I wear a scarf...I think she misunderstood me. I drank a lot of hot tea last night (I felt the sore throat then too) and this morning. Either the tea or me wearing a scarf helped because now my throat feels better.

I only had one class today which was Creative Travel Writing. We talked about the last four student's essays. I was feeling very positive today so I made sure to contribute something each time about what I liked about the student's essay.

My International Reporting professor emailed us and said class is optional today and my Strategic Communication professor cancelled class for today yesterday. So I just took the first train back home and ate my (delicious!) sandwich on the train.

I wanted to bake something but we didn't have eggs and I used RecipeMaster to figure out what I could make with what we ingredients we had and it told me all I could make was lemonade. I found that amusing. I know my host mom is going grocery shopping tonight so maybe tomorrow I can bake something.

I meant to post a picture sooner, but here is my new sweater that I bought in Sweden last Wednesday. I haven't worn it yet because I'm too scared to spill food on it. I think I'll wear it Saturday. I like it because it feels like me and reminds me of something my friend Olivia would wear and I always like her style.

In the evening, I went grocery shopping with my host mom and Signe. Once again, culture shock. My host mom recycled some plastic bottles into a machine and got a receipt for money she could claim at the cash register. Wish we had that in America.
In the grocery store, Superbest there are so many noticeable Danish quirks, I suppose you could call them. You pull a little basket on wheels and that is your cart. Everything is insanely expensive. Like $6 for a dozen eggs. There aren't any grocery bags so you have to bring your own. You can also buy DVDs at the grocery store.

Oh and this post's title only relates to the post in the sense that I'm going through a Paul Simon phase.

Fun Fact: I made a video. See previous post.

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