Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy Friday

Today was the last day of our core course week and it was jam packed with activities.

This morning, I had to get up at 7 to catch the 7:50 train. I mapped out my journey to BRF Kredit, the place where we would be interviewing someone and then presenting the info to our class. I took my normal train to Hellerup, took a S Train to Jagesborg, and then was supposed to catch a bus. I could not find the right bus station to save my life. I found a bus station that was away from the station, but it didn't look right. So I walked back to the train station, still no bus stop. I walked again the way to the first bus stop but went down a different road. By this time I was close to crying. I thought, it's like the time i got lost going to the little mermaid all over again. Our interview was at 9 and it was like 8:50. I called my host mom and dad but they didn't pick up. I used my iphone to help me figure out where to go. I got on a bus and the driver told me i wanted to go the other direction. So I crossed the street and got on that bus. I got off at the stop that looked similar to the one I wanted to get off at. I used my phone to find out how close, walking distance i was and it told me i was 9 mins walk away. So I just power walked my way there.

I was fifteen minutes late, which was embarrassing, but live and learn I guess. We met in a fancy meeting room that had (gasp!) croissants, cheese, jam, bread, coffee, tea, and all the appropriate silverware and plates. It was like an interview brunch. But the woman kept talking and the things were too far to casually reach for them. It killed me to have to wait, with buttery croisants just out of reach and listen to a woman talk about their credit union's corporate social responsibility. Finally she encouraged us to eat some more and I think we were all thinking the same thing I was because we each  lunged for the croissants. I was much happier after I had a croissant, piece of bread and some tea (I wanted coffee but it turns out the red can wasn't coffee it was hot water). We learned that this credit union hires disabled people to clean and do their gardening, they sponsor a lot of charities that relate to houses because they give loan for people to buy houses, and they really value "goodvertising".

Me and two other girs from my group, we ditched the boys in our group (because they were stupid. that's the nice way to put it) and took the train back together. It was nice to just gossip with some girl friends about the core course week, our classmates, and our professor.

We met up with our group at DIS (one group member didn't make it to the interview all because i guess she got more lost than I did) and worked on our powerpoint. That didn't take very long. Me and Shyniece & Emily went to a soup place called Soupernatural. It was really cozy but I wasn't crazy about the tomato soup I got. We still had more time to kill so we walked around and looked in some stores.

Our last activity of the day was to meet in DIS, listen to a speaker present about Danish vs. American media and then listen to five group presentations by our classmates. We were all very tired and found it hard to stay alert. The presenter was very loud, talked fast and he even was spitting because he was so "enthusiastic." What he said was interesting but I recognized learning parts from my US Broadcast History course at Denison. After his talk, we had pastries and soda! Sugar!! My pastry was heavenly.
The group presentations were pretty typical. Not much to say about them. My day was done at 6, so I considered it a long day because I didn't get home til 7 or so.

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