Tuesday, March 26, 2013

At a pub

Hey there.
I'm in London at a pub using their wi fi with my two friends. Wanted to let you know I am alive and well.
Monday we went to Wimbledon, ate Indian food, and went to Hampton Court palace.
Tuesday we explored London, ate lunch, went to Bloomberg, Contagious magazine, kings cross platform nine and three quarters and to a comedy show.
Like I said in a Facebook post, I love London.
Mind the gap.

Oh yeah and here are pics of our beautiful hotel room. :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Next week


I wanted to let you know that I'm leaving for London tomorrow. I'm going with my Strategic Communication class and will be there until Friday. On Friday I leave London for Stirling where I will explore Scotland with my friend Gretchen. So I might not be able to post a lot next week. Don't worry about me. :-)

Me in London in the summer of 2010
Fun fact: I played Risk for the first time and won. (That game would be so much easier if you could use nuclear weapons. haha just kidding)

Helsingor Library

Today was great! The weather was really nice outside. Me, Gitte and Julie went to Helsingor. We ate salads in a nice cafe and went to the Helsingor library. Deb, you can go to a library when you're in America, why would you want to visit one in Denmark? Because this is no ordinary library. It's part art museum, hang out place, study area, playground and library. 

(you can click on the pictures if you want to see them larger)

Me spinning in the really fun chair

Spinning around in the fun chair. I could've spent hours in that chair. 

The library in Helsingor

the coolest chairs ever

They look like those little spinning tops

They had a neat art exhibit where shoes were decorated in unique ways

View from the library window

Note Hamlet's castle in the distance

See the statue?

The library in Helsingor

The view from the window in the library

Really cool globe themed book shelf with a book shelf ladder

Any bookshelf with a ladder is made cooler. 

In Denmark, they park very close to things. Very close. 

The Globe reading area. Kloden means Globe

Coffee bean shoe

Tennis shoe. I get it. Haha

This was my favorite. 

These were so creative

Shout out to Mom. They have your book in Danish.

Calvin and Hobbes in Danish. I felt silly explaining it to my host family, "So there's this little boy Calvin and he has a stuffed animal named Hobbes but Hobbes is real, but only to him"

Heste means Horse.

They had a large selection of horse books

How cute!

The kids play area

I wasn't the only one playing in these chairs

An elephant chiar

Cutest chair

Gitte looking at "he" Learn more about him

So shiny

Having fun taking pictures

He kind of reminded me of a Terminator...

Look at the detail

My host mom and sister said he blinks every half hour. 

He is anatomically correct

Me and "Him"holding hands

Gitte and "him"

The library

Friday, March 22, 2013


I'm famous! Not really. You can read some articles I wrote for my International Reporting class here

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Even the pigeons are cold

Vesterboro in the snow
I woke up to a Danish snow globe outside my window. There was more snow on the ground as well as soft snow falling.  I wish it would be spring of course but I secretly love the snow and am happy it is not windy. I can do cold snow but not cold wind.

This morning I met my Human Trafficking class in Vesterboro at a center for counseling for foreign women. It is a place where street prostitutes can come get a hot drink, use the bathroom, watch tv, talk with a counselor, see a doctor, etc. A woman explained to us what they do and what problems she has seen. This is a very eye opening class to me. I wasn't aware of how large and corrupt the sex industry is. It's really sad how many girls are trafficked and how little social workers can legally help them.

What the inside of Mother looks like. 
Panini and cappuccino
I walked a couple blocks to the Meat Packing District and ate lunch at a place our tour guide recommended when I did a tour of Vesterboro a couple weeks ago. It's called Mother. On our tour, which was on a Sunday morning, it was so crowded we couldn't get a table. On a Wednesday morning, I was the only one there. I could still see why everyone recommends the place. The food was so healthy and unique and the staff was friendly. I ordered a cappuccino, water, and a panini that had goat cheese, butter squash  spinach, onions, red peppers, and other things. It was not something I would normally eat or order off a menu because of how exotic it is. The waitress and I chatted about how she used to live in London and study sociology and how there were a lot of DIS American students in Copenhagen.

After my leisurely lunch, I walked back to DIS. On the way, I found the Danish Design Museum  I was all excited to go inside but instead found a tiny sign that said they are closed until early April. Not cool. I still really like just walking around central Copenhagen around Tivoli. It's eye opening.
I did some homework in a computer lab, interviewed my creative travel writing professor about UK tourism being affected by the recent financial crisis (for my international reporting article), and came back to do more homework. I would have just gone home but I have a meeting at 5 pm.

Pretty pictures I took today!

So snowy

Coolest graffiti art 

Facade painted onto building in meat packing district

My lunch!

Where I are lunch

Hans Christian Anderson?

I'm 98% sure this cool guy is Hans Christian Anderson

Tivoli sign in the city

Copenhagen's city center

I think this is the Parliament or city hall

You know it's cold when the pigeons are cold. 

Banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip, and Nutella muffins. Here is the recipe. Thanks to Grandmama for the measuring cups.  

They came out great. But a little salty actually. 

My host mom also baked today. She made rye bread muffins with chocolate for lunch