Did you stumble upon this blog? Do you want to read the "Best Of" blog posts to get a general overview of my study abroad experience in Denmark? Cool.

Click on the link to see one blog post from each week I was in abroad studying in Copenhagen.


1rst week in Photos

2nd week

3rd week with Photos

4th week (Short study tour)

5th week

6th week Morning Commute Video

7th week Talking to high school Danes about being American

8th week Italy trip

9th week with pictures

10th week Even the pigeons are cold

11th week London and Scotland

12th week Videos from London and Scotland

13th week Museum and concert

14th week My parents visit

15th week Bornholm

16th week Laundromat Cafe

17th week Photojournalism pictures

These are links to the blog posts, I feel summarize and reflect my study abroad experience. I hope that this page will be useful for those reading this blog, long after I stop updating it.

If you're a future DIS student or considering DIS, feel free to contact me with questions.

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