Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I didn't have classes today or field studies so I just had a chill day. I woke up at 7 and ate breakfast with my host family and proceeded to do my reading. I remembered I wanted to paint my nails so I did that too. Julie had so many polishes to choose from. It was a tough decision.
I painted my nails this morning. I had fun doing an "accent nail" (Thanks Julie for letting me use her nail polish)
I did a little more homework and took Berta for a walk (well, more like she took me for a walk). She dragged me across the beach and past downtown Espergaede. I don't know the Danish word for heal. Maybe I should learn that one. I let her off leash on the beach and on a not-crowded street that the windmill was located on. She just starts running and running when you let her go. But she's good at coming back to you too.

Postcard from Denmark. I finally found this windmill on my walk today. My first old fashioned windmill in Denmark. Note: Berta looking at me.  
I'd seen this windmill from far away several times and was never sure where it was. I set out on a short quest to find it and I succeeded.

I seriously want to live here. How cool would that be? I can't believe it's a house. 

Me at the beach. Rocking my furry hat. 

Berta being a crazy dog at the beach. 

The beach by the house. 

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