Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recent Pictures

These two pictures are from Tuesday:
Christiania: Free Town
The sign says: You are now entering the EU. 

I went with Cheng into Christiania. It's a really chill place that is very unique. There were people of all ages and backgrounds there and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Wednesday, the girls all ate brunch at a great cafe in Helsingor. Signe had to go home to go to the riding school while me, Gitte, and Julia took the ferry to Sweden to go shopping.

These pictures are from yesterday, Wednesday:
Wednesday's brunch! So much food. 

Me on the ferry to Sweden

Me hugging a giant fake Fastelavnsbolle. I like the woman smiling at me...

Where we stopped to get a drink. 

Me and Julia on this cool heart swing they had.  

I love ducks. 

Our ferry we took to Sweden and back

There's a similar house in Helsingor too

Gitte and Julia
Me and Julia


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