Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's already Feb 17?

I had a very fun and exciting (and busy) weekend. Here are the highlights:

On Friday, I did a fair amount of baking and cooking. After school, I baked Red Velvet Cupcakes. They turned out sort of strange because they looked pink and were very dense and moist. It is frustrating to bake when the ingredients are in another language and you only have a 1 cup measuring cup that doesn't even have measuring lines. I was never sure if I was adding the right amount or the right ingredient. It was still enjoyable, nevertheless.

For dinner, I helped make Macaroni and Cheese. It also came out strange, for the same reasons as the cupcakes. My host family said they liked it, so that was all that mattered.

Friday night I went to thFolkehĂžjskole to meet up with a friend. It was a fun night. Kind of short but still enjoyable. 

Saturday, I had a required International Reporting workshop at DIS from 9am to 4pm. All of us were so exhausted that it wasn't much fun. He brought us pastries and hot tea but we still just wanted to go back to bed. He lectured to us for an hour or two and then we divided into groups to brainstorm story ideas. I was that kid in my group who reminds everyone to stay on task and stay focused.  

We went to Soupanatural for lunch. I'd already been there once before so I knew I liked it. After lunch, me and a partner set out to ask people their opinion of Denmark reducing the educational stipend. We found three nice people to interview and then wrote our article together in an hour.
The finished article is here.  

I took the train and a bus to visit a friend in a DRC. She invited me to a pub crawl with her dorm. It was very fun, I met a lot of nice people, tried some new drinks, and made it home safely.  

Fun fact: When blogging or writing for the Internet, it is helpful to include links throughout your writing (according to my International Reporting professor). So that explains why this blog is covered in hyperlinks. 

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