Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random photos from my phone

I sometimes take photos on my phone and I want to also share them with you. So I do these phone picture binge posts. I'll try and describe why I took each photo and why you should care:

At the riding school, there is a cool building with a grassy roof. I love it. In the Norway pavilion at Epcot they have a building with a roof like this and I always wondered if people really had roofs like that. Yes they do. 

Guy in Copenhagen walking around with a bird on his shoulder. Totally normal right? My host sister said she saw a man with a snake around his shoulder one day and was very scared.

A really really cool and inspirational painting. ;) 

Me on Friday drinking an Appletini. We went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Ashley's 21rst birthday. 

Appletinis are delicious but expensive. 


These next pictures are from today (Tuesday) when we all went to Louisiana to eat dinner and see the new Pop Art exhibit. I loved it! Besides the Louvre, it was my favorite art museum exhibit ever.

My pictures:

Me in front of Andy Warhol poster at Louisiana, before the exhibit

I just had to sneak in this photo. You're not supposed to take photos but how could you expect me not to photograph one of my favorite pieces of art? Flowers!!

There was this enclosed room in the Pop Art exhibit at Louisiana that you could go into and it had hanging balls that lit up, four walls that were mirrors, and water on the ground to reflect it even more. I snuck in some cool pictures:
Super cool room with lighted balls, mirrors, and water on the floor. 


Me and Signe in the cool room

Signe and my host dad 

Christmas art

So cool!!

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