Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Hello there. Hope you had a good Saturday too. 

I slept in until 9:30, ate an apple muffin and some nutella on bread for breakfast. It was just me and my host mom today. Ulrik was working, Julia working too, and Signe is out of town. 

I helped with laundry a little and vacuumed my room and my bathroom. Even their vacuum is different than American vacuums. (Random fact: There aren't any Kleenex boxes in their house. Just travel packs of tissues.) 

I cleaned my room and my bathroom. On my to do list had been "Write postcards" for a long time so I finally did that. So I hope you're one of the lucky 6 people who got postcards coming your way soon. I need to buy some more postcards because I have 4 more stamps. My host mom was curious and asked to see my postcards and then showed me how to put on the stamps correctly. 

We ate a light lunch together. I tried using their SodaStream machine after Julia showed me how to use it last week. I think I put too much carbonation in it because when I added a little bit of flavor syrup, it fizzed immediately so much that it spilled all over the counter. To make things worse, there was clean laundry on the counter. I shouted a four letter word (everyone curses in Denmark, they don't have the same strength, so it wasn't a big deal) and my host mom came and helped me wipe it up using her husband's dirty t-shirt to mop it up. She said the laundry was fine and that it wasn't a problem. Whew. I still was very embarrassed and vowed to be more careful next time. 

We went with Berta for a walk in the woods today. We walked through downtown Espergaede into a nice wooded area where Berta could run around off leash. She's crazy sometimes and acts like a little puppy. It was a nice circle so we didn't have to turn around. On the way back, we walked on the beach.  I've never been on a beach in the winter time so that was neat. We ran into some friends of my host mom. They had a DIS student last spring and last fall as well. Their yellow lab was even more crazy than Berta. He grabbed my host mom's mitten, ran off and shook it like it was a chew toy. He eventually dropped it and we all laughed about it. It was nice to walk outside for an hour and a half and admire nature. 

My current facebook profile pic

Here is a plethora of pictures from today:

The Danish forest near our house

All the paw prints were cute int the snow. 

The forest with a fresh layer of snow. 

Me! In the forest! Note my trademark purple coat and the boots my parents sent me. 

See Berta going to the bathroom?

Berta was able to go off leash in the woods. She loved that. 

Berta sniffing another dog. 

A binky tree...

My host mom said kids donate their binkies here. 

I guess this is normal?

It seemed very strange to me. 

I thought it was a garden but it's a cemetery 

Looks nicer than American cemeteries. 

The view from the sidewalk. 

This guy was staring at Berta, wanting to come outside and play. 

Downtown Espergaede

Me at the beach

It was weird being on a beach in the winter

My host mom

And back home again. 

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