Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This post is about Sunday but I'm writing it on Tuesday because Sunday and Monday were busy.

After a delicious brunch with my host family, Cheng and I went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It's just one train stop away so it was easy to get to. My host parents warned me it would be crowded and they were right. So many stylish beautiful Danes. We went straight to the Andy Warhol exhibit. I wasn't expecting to see the Campbells Soup Can or Marlyin Manroe but I still had high hopes. It was just his early drawings that were intended to give you an idea of why he later painted what he did. He was certainly a better drawer than I am but they were just sketches so it was hard to analyze pieces torn out of his notebook and not fully shaded or finished. I mean it was cool don't get me wrong.

We walked through the rest of the museum and thought we were done when we hit the cafe. Turns out you have to walk down the stairs in the cafe, that's what the woman at the front desk told us. She was right, there was an exhibition of this sculpture artist. She made cool pieces out of toothpicks, buttons, needles, straws, and other creative material. Cheng and I both agreed that those sculptures fit our definition of art.
A happy father sledding down on a bag

Smiling largely 

Cheng and a piece of art

The cool lego area for the children

A fun kid activity

"I don't get art"

Buttons. made out of buttons

made of paper plates

What does this mean?


We stopped at a bakery near the train station and got pastries. Yum.

Dinner in Copenhagen

Miaja texted me asking if I wanted to meet up with her and Liesje for dinner in Copenhagen at 6. Yes! So even though it was 4pm, I took the train into the city. I figured I could walk around and shop. But, all the shops were closed so all there was to do was walk and look at the open restaurants.

At 6, we met up and ate at a cool Italian fancy restaurant. I got pink wine and a seafood pasta dish. It was fantastic to catch up and tell them what's been going on in my life. They reminded me that they are both there for me.

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