I'm always asked about Copenhagen and I was curious to know the real answers myself so I did a little research and tried my best to answer some of these questions. Note: I'm not an expert and this is from my understanding from reading about Copenhagen a lot. 

What is Copenhagen? It's the capital of Denmark with a population of 2 million.

Where is it?  It's north of Germany. It is located on two Islands : Zealand (the bigger one) and Amager (the smaller one).

Copenhagen is not on the main land part of Denmark. 
What's so great about it? Copenhagen is known for an attractive and affluent lifestyle, remarkable 
public transportation, superior housing, superb shopping opportunities and a rich exciting culture.

What's the government? Constitutional Monarchy. They love their Queen Margarthe II.

What is Denmark known for? The Danish, Hans Christiaan Anderson, and being environmentally friendly. The Little Mermaid statue is Copenhagen's most famous landmark. 

What's the weather like? Nothing too extreme. Around freezing (32 F) in winter while often rainy and cloudy.  

Copenhagen Weather

What are some fun facts?  1 in 3 people ride their bike to work. It's the most visited city in Scandinavia. Tivoli Gardens, a Copenhagen fairy tale amusement park, may have inspired Walt Disney World. I think that's pretty darn cool. A rough translation for the name Copenhagen is "merchant's harbor."   

Why should I care? You should care about Copenhagen because Debbie is going there, one of these facts might be a question on Jeopardy, an attractive person at a party might be from Copenhagen and you would look pretty silly not knowing anything to say to them, and because this one girl is going to study abroad there.


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