Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I felt very Danish while I was riding my host mom's bike that she let me borrow to and from the train station.

In photojournalism, we were in the computer lab today. We imported the pictures we took and learned how to upload them onto Sharefile. We were asked to chose our 3 best photos. Then in groups of 3, we shared all of our images with each other and listened as the other two group members chose their favorite 3 pictures while the photographer had to remain quiet. Of course my group chose different pictures than the ones I did, which is fine. Everyone took pictures of their kollegium or the streets of Copenhagen. I took pictures of my host sister's horse show. I didn't have time to print my pictures so I need to go back on Thursday and do that. Note to self.

In human trafficking, we talked about the geography trends in terms of what countries women are most likely to be taken to or come from. We also talked about how none of the research or statistics are entirely accurate because it's such an underground illegal activity that it's hard to get legit numbers. I think our professor thought we were really tired because she repeatedly told us to bring coffee next time and gave us a five minute break in the middle of class. I used my break to ask the girl next to me where she bought her cookies.

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