Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I'm much more of a TV watcher than a reader so it occurred to me today to search out TV shows about Copenhagen. I bought Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe on Copenhagen from iTunes and watched it. I always love Samantha Brown's shows because they are so down to earth and give you a good sense of the city. I'd encourage you to check out the episode.

Samantha Brown uses public transportation too

 In this episode, I learned that streets called Nytorv and Stroget have really good shopping, the tourist office is very friendly and they have free maps, city bikes are free, there is a Laundromat in Norrebro that doubles as a coffe shop and library, the main part of Copenhagen is called city hall square, and that Tivoli is an old amusement park that has historic roller coasters and 37 restaurants. I think I would really enjoy Tivoli and am excited to go there.

Tivoli: Popular amusement park that opened in 1843

I re-read my host family letter and they live in Espergaerde and are near Elsinore and Lyngby. I plan on looking up all of these names in my travel books so I can learn as much as I can.

I learned from a Youtube video by DIS that there is a website that can help you figure out how to get to where you want to go. It's http://www.rejseplanen.dk/
I used it to figure out my commute.
Using Rejseplanen to figure out my commute
It's crazy that today is the first day of January 2013. The year I go abroad for a semester. Wow.

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