Friday, January 18, 2013

2nd day of class

Today was my 2nd day of class, which feels weird because today is Friday. I had my Tuesday and Friday classes which are Photojournalism 11:40-1pm and Human Trafikking in a Global Context from 1:14 to 2:45.
Today I'm trying organizing my blog post by sections. 

My morning
I woke up at 7 to eat breakfast with my family. It was rough to wake up that early knowing I didn't need to. I was pretty groggy through breakfast where I ate the same thing as yesterday.
I went back to bed and slept til 9:40. I got ready and as I was about to walk to the train station, my host dad's father drove up and offered me a ride to the station. Yes! He walks Berta every day and I think I just timed it right so I could get a ride to the station. I treated myself to a cappucinno from the 7/11 for 24kk. When I was in there, a mob of teenage kids came in and started buying pastries left and right. They all seemed to be taking the train together as a class of some kind. It was interesting how similar and different they are from American teens. Like Americans, they buy expensive treats just for fun like pastries and they tease each other loudly and stand in groups. Unlike Americans, they are all beautiful, skinny, fashionable, and bundled up in the same way. On the train to the city, these loud American teens were bragging about how drunk they got last night.

I met Miaja and Liesje outside my classroom, by chance, and we talked for a while. Like my other classes, this one was pretty crowded. The professor is a skinny man with long brown hair. He told us his life story for most of class, which was very boring. He seemed kind of pretentious which got on my nerves. He listed all the reasons why we should drop the class and how it would be the hardest class ever and some of us might not be able to handle it. That just made me want to stay in the class even more. He showed us last years student's work and I know I can do better than they did. I have experience with photography and know what I'm doing. He told us the class isn't a photography class, and rather it's about forming a relationship with someone, observing them, and photographing them. A girl from last year, met a Danish girl who went dumpster diving for all of her food and clothes so she photographed that. I'm thinking I could use one of my host family members to help me. I'm ready for the challenge.

Human Trafficking 
I thought this would be my least favorite class, but nothing could have been worse than Photojournalism was today. This is my only class that has a female professor. I normally don't get along or like female professors because we often clash but I actually like this woman. She seemed really cool. She had a thick English accent, wore all black except for a green sparkly dragonfly broach. Her black blazer fit her really nicely and I was impressed by her sense of style. Anyway, she was also very fun and lively. Like, she would wink at us when she made a joke and courtesied when she took attendance and the first girl said her name. The class looks like it'll be very informative and emotional. The name gives it away as being a sort of depressing and heart breaking class but I want to learn more about the truth of human trafficking, whether it's sex trade or forced labor. I can't ignore these horrors forever. She had us write down why we took the class, what we expected from the class, and whether we thought prostitution should be legal. We then went over the syllabus and she told us we'd be watching movies, and having various speakers. We won't be having a victim or survivor come talk to us, and so that was a little nice to know.

After class
I got home around 4:30. My family wasn't there. This is the first time I've been home alone here. I heated myself up some leftover pizza and watched a little TV. Then I cleaned my room and did stuff on my laptop. I found a fun top40s pop station from London that I listened on their house radio. They showed me how to use it this morning.
Check out the pics I took today.

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