Thursday, January 10, 2013

Farewell dinner

We found my ID! The searches have officially been called off. It was MIA for over a week and was seen on countless milk cartons. The card was last seen when my dad took it off the keychain. No one heard from it after that. The card's family members (my credit card and my drivers license) were relieved that their relative was safe.
No seriously, we were about ready to drive up to Denison and get a new ID (for $25!) tomorrow. I'm so glad we don't have to waste time or money doing that.

I picked up my Danish money from AAA today. That was exciting to hold it and see it in real life. It sure is beautiful. Too bad it won't be in my pockets for very long. Haha.

We had my farewell dinner tonight. Me, my parents, and Emily went to House of Japan. We drank virgin pina coladas and ate delicious hibachi chicken and fried rice. Yum! After dinner, I went to Emily's house and we watched TV with her parents. Then, we had to say the inevitable goodbye. :-( But it's not a forever goodbye and she wants me to have fun on my adventure so it's all fine. Right.

Here's my current packing state:

Toy Story fruit snacks. Oh yeah. 

It's more of a room filled with things than a packed suitcase ready to go. That's for later.  

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