Sunday, January 27, 2013

2nd Weekend

I’m blogging from the train. Normally I blog from my room or the living room but today I had to go into Copenhagen for a group project so I’m using my commute time to knock something off my to do list.

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I accidently drank too much white wine during dinner and was too tired and incapacitated to write a coherent blog post. I wasn’t drunk, I was just very dizzy and had a headache. I watched a Danish singing contest with my host family and it was hard to pay attention. So I went to bed fairly early last night.

Yesterday we (me, Julia, Gitte, and Cheng) went to Helsingnor for a DIS brunch for students and their families who lived up north like me. It was at a place called Café Chaplin. It was a buffet and they had bacon, mini pancakes, sausage, liver, croissants, and coffee. It was nice to talk with other students about how hard it is to go out when you live 45mins away from Copenhagen. One girl was a full year student so she told us what last semester had been like for her. We made a facebook group to coordinate going out together in Helsingnor where there are some bars and clubs. Yay.

I baked Nutella and peanut butter cookies for my family last night. I was proud because I did it by myself. My grandmother wouldn’t approve of how I baked them because my family didn’t have ¼ or ¾ measuring cups so I had to guesstimate the quantities using a 1 cup cup. The cookies came out fine. I don’t think I’ll use that recipe again though. I’ll try a different one.

 At first I was concerned because the dough was very dry and flaky. I asked my host mom and she wondered aloud if I had already put in the butter. Nope. So once I added the butter it looked more like dough. I think I’ve made this mistake before.

Saturday night, a friend asked me if I wanted to go out last night and I politely said no. When I told Emily and my host father this they both asked me why. I told both of them that I simply preferred to stay in my comfort zone rather than venture out into the unknown. Which is silly because I want to go out, so I can’t keep whining about it when I don’t seize opportunities I’m presented with. I need to be more like that guy from the movie Yes Man and say yes to everything.

Goals for the week: Say yes to things. Talk to people in my classes. Wake up earlier. Be more social! Bake more.

Today (Sunday) my host family woke me up at 7:30 for breakfast. We had to go to the riding school to get Tiger ready for the jumping show. My host sister Signe showed Tiger Woods in two different events at a local horseback riding show. I always like going to horse shows because there is so much excitement in the air and since I know horses, I know what’s going on.

Several things amazed me at the show:

·      Tiger loves going into the trailer. You have to stop this horse from going into the trailer before we’re ready. He’s the opposite of Ginger in that way.
·      The girls were so young and small. Their ponies were bigger than them.
·      The girls weren’t scared of the high jumps or big scary fire breathing ponies. They were fearless. If an 8 year old girl can jump one meter than I can certainly jump a hay bale.
·      Even when horses refused jumps, knocked over poles, or the girl fell off, she didn’t cry or pout. A couple times the girl toppled over the horses’ neck and crashed into the jump. I gasped loudly. They were all okay and able to walk out of the arena. It was just of course scary to watch.
Signe and Tiger didn’t do their best at today’s show but that’s alright. In the first event Tiger refused a jump and in the other event he also refused a jump and knocked down one or two poles. Oh well. Signe said he was spooked by the colorful jumps and wasn’t going as fast as he normally does.
Even though it was cold and I lost feeling in my feet, I had a good time at the horse show. I hope to attend more of them with Signe. She said she has one in Feb 17 and 23.

Overall I had a pretty good weekend. Not terribly busy or overwhelming but not boring. My favorite part was eating my Nutella and peanut butter cookies and my least favorite part was accidently drinking too much.

Random: My new quest is to find grape jelly. I asked my host mom to buy some and she said she couldn’t find any. I asked the other DIS north Copenhagen girls if they knew where to get it and one girl said she saw some in Netto. I suppose I could try and peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich if I can’t find grape jelly. 

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