Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forgotten pictures

These are some of the best pictures I took with my small digital camera during January 25 til yesterday.

Tim's handball game. It was a nice gymnasium. 

Seeing a live handball game was really cool. I'm glad Julia invited me. 

This is at our host family brunch that we had last Saturday at 2pm. Note Chang and her host mom Susan. 

The brunch was at a cozy place called Cafe Chaplin in Helsingnore. 

Last Sunday, unloading Tiger for the horseback riding competition. Notice the Denmark flag. 

Gitte loving on Tiger Woods. 

This girl was texting while horseback riding! :o 

Signe getting ready to go do her jumping event. 

Signe jumping one meter. 

Signe focusing before she goes inside. 

The girls are allowed to walk through the course before they jump it. It was neat to see a mob of people swarm onto the arena. 

A guy on a four wheeler helped clean up the arena. 

This was taken 1/29 (last night) in Sweden at the place were we saw the harness racing. 

At the starting line. 

The place was called J√§gersro.

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