Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Saturday

This morning, we had Danishes from a bakery for breakfast. At 12:30 I caught the train and went into Copenhagen with Cheng. We got there early and so we walked around the shops before 2pm. We had to board a bus and go on a five minute ride to the place where we applied for our Danish Residence Permit. There was 1,000 of us and they were especially open on Saturday for all of us. We took a number, (I was 444) and sat down to wait for our number to flash up on a screen. We waited about 30-40 minutes. When it was my turn, she asked for my paperwork and it took 1 minute. Then they took my picture and my fingerprints. Then, we took a bus back to Norreport. I went to Tiger and bought a 5 subject notebook, a pocket calendar and a multi colored pen. I can't resist going to Tiger every day. Haha. I took the train home no problem and walked back home without my map. Yay.

I chilled at home, did some homework, wrote important dates in my planner, and took it easy. Around 7, my host parent's friends came over. They brought their two younger children too. They didn't know a lot of English, but when I spoke to them, they seemed to know what I mean (except when they ate a buckeye, because they had never tried peanut butter before, and I joked that I poisoned one. That had to be translated into Danish.) My host father offered me white wine. I had a small glass of dry wine that I didn't love and then a glass of California wine that was sweeter. We ate chicken wrapped in bacon, salad, potatoes, and green beans for dinner. It was a feast. For desert, my host family's friends made creme brule. At first they told me it was pudding but then when I saw the blow torches I figured out it was creme brule. I think they weren't sure how to say that in English. They called them torches and not blow torches. I helped burn the sugar on top. We had desert wine with the creme brule. It was so sweet!

Some random things I've picked up, observed, noticed, while I've been here:
  • Danes don't eat peanut butter regularly
  • Danes love Nuttella
  • Danes are ranked as the happiest people in the world but if you ask them, they will disagree and complain about the government and taxes.
  • Handball is the most popular sport
  • Danes love the X factor
  • Rihanna is very popular here
  • Fighting with your boyfriend or girlfriend happens in any country or culture
  • Everyone says they will lose weight in the new year (this surprised me because Danes have no weight to lose)
  • The stoplight will turn yellow before it turns red or green. It transitions.
  • Pancakes are thought of as crepes
  • I was asked if I was upset over the Lance Armstrong confession (sort of, right now I just empathize with him during this chaotic and personal time for him, but I also think he should've have lied or cheated)
  • everyone knows at least 2 languages, sometimes 5. 
  • their school system is very different
My blog wasn't chosen to be an official DIS blog, so I guess that means I can stop trying to make this the best blog I can. Haha just kidding.

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