Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday is not my day of rest

My Sunday:
I woke up around 8:30, ate bakery bread and Nutella for breakfast with my host family. They told me to dress very warmly today because we'd be outside a lot. My host dad let me borrow some snow pants to wear, but they were too small. :-( My host mom asked my host sister if she had any warm clothes to let me wear and she let me wear some thick leggings and a sweater. I wore a total of 3 layers of pants and I suppose 4 layers of shirts (including my coat).
We went to Signe's riding stable to watch her ride Tiger. He's a very cute dark brown pony. He's big for a pony. His coat is cut very short so he has to wear a blanket as often as possible. Like all horses, he is obsessed with finding food. And like Ginger, he likes to go fast. He loves cantering (they call it galloping so I was a little concerned at first when they asked me to gallop) and jumping (Signe jumps over 1 meter). While they set up the jumps in the arena, I walked, trotted, and cantered Tiger. It was great to be in the saddle again and ride a energetic well behaved pony. Then we watched Signe go through her jumping course. Tiger refused one or two jumps but otherwise I was in awe at how good they looked together.
If you think this is high, imagine moving the white pole on top of the yellow one and then jumping that. It's crazy.  Over one meter high. 

The other girls from the stable came to sit with us and help Signe make the jumps higher. When she was done, I walked Tiger out. We stayed at the stable for another half hour or so and by the end of it I couldn't feel my toes. And I was wearing two pairs of socks!
Signe let me ride her pony, Tiger. Note his jumping bridle, his blanket on his back and his cuteness. 

We came back to the house. I regained feeling in my feet and ate some leftover pizza for lunch. Wasting no time, we set out for Kronborg Castle, which was just five minutes away. It's in the town that my train makes it's last stop in, Helsinger. It's also known as Elsinore, Hamlet's castle, from Hamlet. The perform Hamlet every August in the castle's courtyard. How cool would that be?
We walked through the castle and I took lots of pictures. There's so much history. I liked how my host family would point out things and explain the significane of it, like the C4's above the doorways mean Christian the 4th was the King who designed that room. He loves his name.  I hope to go back to Kronborg again.
Me with my host family!!

We came home, watched TV, I did a little homework, and we ordered Chinese food. I asked for Sweet and Sour chicken and when they opened up all of the boxes, they thought it was some sort of extra dish of shrimp they had accidentally given to us. I explained that it was just my chicken. My host father got duck, and I tried a little piece. It was fine, tasted like chicken.
After dinner, we spent the evening watching the handball game of Denmark vs. Tunsia. I'm learning to like handball.
Today was a good day. I'm starting to feel more comfortable around my host family and making jokes around them. They commented on how I've quickly learned the sarcastic Danish humor. Yay!
Driving in the car, I could't resist this sunset. 

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