Thursday, January 3, 2013

I love my mom

Thank goodness for my mom. I started actually packing clothes this evening and became pretty nervous and anxious. Should I bring this shirt? Should I bring these shoes? Should I bring these dresses? How many socks? Do I need a hat? What if I need my graduation gown? What if someone asks to borrow my trophy from 7th grade? Okay those last two were jokes. My point is just that packing is stressful because there is no way to know what you will need until you're over there. My mom assured me that she can mail me stuff and that this is not the last time I will ever be able to buy clothes for 5 months. I'd rather buy a sweater in Denmark than in Hilliard anyway. My mom also helped teach me how to open a wine bottle with my new bottle cork opener device. A useful skill indeed! Thanks Mom.

Black vs color
So I've heard from multiple sources that the Danes wear all black. Of course I would love to blend in and pretend to be a Dane but I don't think I'll realistically be able to do that. I'm not blonde, I like color, and I have an American accent. My question today was: Should I bring all of my black clothes because everyone wears black? Should I buy more black clothes? I asked my mom and Emily May this question and they both told me to just wear the clothes I like and not worry about wearing black. I like this answer.

I don't do black. 

I like color. 

I'm leaving for Disney World tomorrow. Yay!

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