Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An off day

Today felt like an off day. I just mean I didn't feel like myself today. I just felt "blah."
I rode Julia's bike to the train station (struggling with the hills) and was proud of myself for that. I got there ten minutes early somehow so I just sat in the covered area where I earlier saw a rat and spaced out. On the train, this guy was talking very loudly in front of me and it was annoying. It's also annoying how my train rarely has wi fi. I tried to read my homework and stared out the window mostly.

I walked to DIS and went to Photojournalism. I haven't liked that class yet. Today he continued to tell us how fascinating his life has been and the deep philosophy behind photographs. I think he's full of himself. That was a long and boring class because it was just him lecturing at us. No discussion or even mention of the reading that was for today.

Next was Human Trafficking. We discussed the film we watched last night. One girl said the main character had no choice but to prostitute herself. My hand shot up and I told the class that I disagreed and felt that the main character had plenty of other options like staying in school, getting a job, or going to social welfare. That started a discussion. We talked about the difference between trafficking and smuggling as well as the broad causes of trafficking. The main cause is mostly poverty.
The little notebook I bought claimed to be 5 subject but the 5th subject is graph paper, so i took notes today on graph paper. Haha.

I took the train home, biked home, and ate leftover Chinese rice. Then I sort of spaced out again and just cleaned my room a little and went on the computer.
I went into the bathroom and randomly decided to take a shower at like 6pm. I don't know why.
I think I'm just feeling sort of lonely or sad. At DIS and in my classes I haven't made any concrete friends. I tried very hard to make friends during orientation but when classes started, I stopped being as friendly and trying to make friends. Now I just feel that everyone else has found friends to go out with and they are living it up more than me.

Of course, tomorrow I'm going to try harder to be friendly with people and work harder to make friends.

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