Thursday, April 11, 2013

Windsday Concert

Yesterday was a busy day for me in Copenhagen.

Danish living room in the 60s- 70s
In the morning, I met Miaja and we went to the National Gallery museum. It was free! We explored upstairs where they had an exhibit called something like Denmark from 1600s-2000. It was a walk through all of Denmark's history. It was interesting and educational. They had neat artifacts and objects that were representative of the times.

We ate lunch sandwiches at Riccos (a well-respected coffee chain) and caught up about Denison things and talked about how excited we were to be living in an apartment next year. I realized we won't be eating together in the dining halls. Whoot. But that means I have to cook. Oh dear. Well PB&Js and cereal every day. haha

Botanical Gardens in CPH
Indoor rain forest
Miaja had a field study so I went off and explored on my own. I went to the Botanical Gardens because my friend Jen (DIS alumni) recommended it. I can see why she told me to go there. It was gorgeous, uncrowded and warm. Inside the greenhouse, it was so hot and humid because of the tropical plants. So I plan to go back there very often to beat the cold. It was hard leaving the greenhouse and going back out into the cold.

Going to Nyhavn because I can. 
     I made my way to Nyhavn and looked around a bit. Pretty touristy. I wanted to make sure I could find it and also go because I could. I like going to touristy parts of Copenhagen. Then I went to Rosenborg but I couldn't go inside because they were closed (it was 2pm...) It was hard enough getting to the ticket room because all these armed guards were standing around there. I finally just had to ask like, "Hey, can I walk over there?" they nodded and I joked, "Cool, just making sure I don't get shot." They laughed.

We ate dinner at a really cool Kafe by Norreport. It was actually delicious food. I was surprised and impressed. I got the fish of the day (turned out to be salmon) and loved it. I'd go back to that cafe in a heartbeat.

Sara, me and Miaja
The highlight of the day was the Ellie Goulding concert. We got there a few hours early and it was already packed. So many girls. The opening acts were pretty good. I'm listening to their songs on Spotify now actually. But Ellie was amazing. She had so much soul, energy, passion, and talent. She was mesmerizing on stage. Her voice is so light and airy and high. I ignored how crowded it was and just enjoyed the show :-)
Ellie Goulding at Vega last night 

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