Saturday, April 6, 2013

How many of you have been kayaking before?

  • Thursday
    • The highlight of this day was wine tasting. We did a blind tasting and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out what grape the wine was from. Can I just say Riesling and Chardonnay can be easily mixed up? In my International Reporting class, we got to explore Copenhagen and describe the place we went to. This was in preparation for writing a feature piece. For Strategic Communication, we listened to a presentation by the Danish Forest Gump. His name is Jesper and he works with World Run . He explained to us about his corporate sponsors and how they helped him run across the world in 4 years. Very cool. 
  • Friday
    • In photojournalism, my professor said he liked my pictures. I still don't like that class but I'm trying to kill it with kindness by working hard in the class, doing all the assignments, and following all the directions to a tee. In human trafficking, we watched a depressing film called "selling the girl next door" and it was a CNN special about American girls falling victim to trafficking. We finished writing papers about human trafficking in the state we're from so this was icing on top of the USA cake. I had no idea there was trafficking in Ohio, but boy is there. 
    • I was walking to the Copenhagen Central Station after class, because I like going there vs Norreport, when I passed a protest in front of city hall. Me, being a little journalist, I asked a woman what her sign said and she launched into telling me how she and all the other teachers were protesting the government for locking them out. It was neat to hear her side of the story and see a real political protest (even though DIS specifically told us to avoid political protests. Whoops) I don't personally agree with the side of the teachers and so I asked her questions like "Well, some say teachers already get paid too much, how do you feel about that?" and she responded, "Sounds like you've done your homework. Good for you." This was a cool moment for me to casually talk to a protester and hear her personal side of the story. 
    • In the evening, Cheng came over and we baked delicious brownies and watched Bridesmaids. It was fantastic to catch up and have a girls night in.
    • Parental units: This is a picture of our hotel. I found it. 
  • Saturday
    • I made crepes in the morning. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to start baking when I was still half asleep because I accidentally added red food coloring, thinking it was vanilla. So the crepes came out pink. They tasted fine they just looked very feminine. 
    • I went to a flea market at Studenterhuset. It was so crowded! I ended up getting a blue button down for 40kr and a black infinity scarf for 10kr. With my new scarf, I feel so Danish. Haha but no seriously, everyone has one of these. I wish I had more time and it was less crowded so I could've browed there more. 
      • Shoutout to Emily May: Happy Birthday!! I made this smiley face for you.
      • At 1pm, I met a group of DIS kids to go kayaking in Copenhagen. It was a tour that we signed up and paid for ahead of time. Our guide took us on the metro but he took us on the wrong train. Thank goodness a woman on the train heard what stop we were going to and told us we needed to switch trains. When we get to the kayaking place, it was a lot of hurry up and wait. They made us wear wet suits, life jackets, and special jackets. I didn't understand why we needed these until I was in the kayak. Before we got in the water, we did paddling exercises, warm up stretches, and played a few games. By this point I was like can we please just friggin kayak? We finally hop into the water and I'm shocked at how low to the water we are in these sea kayaks. One wrong move and I'm capsizing. Thankfully no one did go in the water. It was a lot harder than I thought. I had trouble steering. Our kayak guide took us out into the open water where there were big waves and he had to clip onto my kayak and lead me back into the canal where we practiced. It was scary to be in a tiny little kayak out in the big blue ocean. Then we kayaked to another part of the water where we had to chop our way through a thin layer of ice on the water. What a workout. At the end, we played dodgeball in our kayaks and a game where we had to steal a clothespin from each other's kayaks. It was sometimes sunny but mostly cold and cloudy. I'm glad I went because I met some nice friendly girls and it was a unique experience but it was very cold and a bit embarrassing that I had trouble paddling. It was for sure unlike kayaking at Trapper Johns. 
        Me in my wet suit out kayaking
    Pink crepes...hmmm. I probably should look before pour food coloring in the batter
    Where we kayaked

    Sooo coold. Brrr

    Debbie trying to be Danish walking home in her new black scarf and blue shirt. 

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