Monday, April 29, 2013

A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two tired.

Switichin it up here. Pictures first and then my blog post. Enjoy! 

Me with my purple shorts and my purple bike. 

The cool windmill we found

At the beach in Bornholm

Me and Jenn

They had the great idea to buy little containers and put the sand inside for a souvenir. The sand is supposedly the sand they use for hourglasses.

A Jutland Horse we saw on the side of the road. He reminds me of Patrick. 

Me and my new equestrian friends. Fun Fact: The fence is electric. 

The forest part of our biking on Saturday. 

Me at the beach area by our hostel. Note the sun.  B)

The cool cliffs

Christina, Me and Jenn at the waterfall 

Me inside the cave. Oooo

The town we stayed in: Gudhjem 

Jenn, me, Colleen, and Katie. 

Ice cream!! I got Banana Split with Oreo and Nut sprinkles. 

I’m done with Strategic Communication! We had our final exam today. I actually thought it was difficult. Not because I didn’t study at all but because the questions were very specific, not what I studied for, and used crazy double negatives (Which of the following is not sometimes except never a part of this?) After I finished, I treated myself to a Chai Latte from Baresso. The trick is to not listen when she says how much it costs and blindly hand over the money. I had a nice chat with the barista who told me Baresso is better than Starbucks. We’ll see about that. She also admitted that Baresso is expensive and that it will get more crowded when people get paid in the beginning of May. I appreciated her honesty.

This weekend I went biking in Bornholm!
Friday, we met at 11pm to get on a bus which took us to an overnight ferry. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a cabin on the ship. It was a small two-person room but the other girl didn’t show up in the room so I had a peaceful night’s sleep alone. At 6am, we got off the ferry and took a bus to our hostel where we ate breakfast and got on our bikes.
The group of girls I became friends with decided to do the Killer Route. That was seriously the name. I give easily into peer pressure so I joined them in the 65km tour. I’m not going to say it was easy but it clearly didn’t kill me. It was a good workout and it gave us the chance to really explore the island. The highlight of the bike ride that day was reaching the beach where the sand is used for hourglasses.
I was amazed at how diverse Bornholm was. We saw beaches, cliffs, caves, farms, fields, forests, small towns, streams, hills, etc. It seemed to have every kind of landscape your camera would want.
On Sunday, we were all so sore. It was painful to sit back down on the bike seat. We biked maybe 5 or 6km and hiked a lot instead. We saw a famous waterfall, some neat cliffs, and a creepy cave.
After our bike rides Saturday and Sunday we got ice cream at the shop by our hostel. They had a delightful ice cream called the Gudjem Special which was one scoop of any flavor in a waffle cone, vanilla soft serve on top and then your choice of sprinkles. I’m not sure if I was just hungry or tired but that ice cream seemed to taste divine.
At the end of the trip, we took a bus to the ferry which took us to Malmo, Sweden. Another bus took us the rest of the way back to Copenhagen.
I knew I would say this in the end, but I’m glad I went on the trip. I made new friends, got a lot of exercise, saw some stunning nature, and had a once in a lifetime experience. Even though at times it was an uphill battle (Literally.) it was good to prove that I can do it. Throughout the day, it was a nice mix of biking next to and talking with the other girls and biking alone with my thoughts. It’s sort of therapeutic to be alone biking out in the country.
With finals happening and coming up, I have more schoolwork than usual and am pretty busy. I’m using my train commute to write this blog post now because I know when I get home and get Internet, I’ll need to do my homework. (I’d rather be blogging.) 

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