Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vienna waits for you.

So we had a busy day. We started our day by eating the all you can eat breakfast at the hostel and then went to Schonbruun, a really large palace where we did a self guided audio tour. It was so beautiful and historic. Marie Antoinettes mom lived there. Then we ate lunch at a nice cafe that Blake's brother recommended. I got Schnitzel and loved it. Next we went to the Sigmund Freud museum. It was difficult getting there because some streets weren't labeled on our map. When we got there we were underwhelmed. The self guided audio tour started by saying "if you're looking for the famous couch you won't find it here. It's in London." So that museum was disappointing. It was very short and there wasnt much to see. We took a yellow tourist train car around the city for a half hour. We bought some souvenirs (I bought a book and some postcards) and came back to the hostel.
So far i really like Vienna because of its architecture and rich history. Some of the people on the train seem to not like Americans but thats their problem. I wish we had more time here. :-)

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