Sunday, March 3, 2013

Off to Venice

Hello readers.

So i am in the Vienna train station now. We are waiting for our overnight train to Venice. Overall I really enjoyed my short time in Vienna. It reminded me of both Copenhagen and Paris for different reasons. Can't wait to come back someday. ;)

Today we did:

- Belvedere: a really cool historic art museum. I saw the painting of Napoleon Bonaparte where he is riding his horse into battle. I liked the Impressionism and realism. They had Monets which was neat. Everything was so beautiful and impressive. I loved it.
- Ferris wheel: called Riesenrad. it's the famous Vienna red Ferris wheel that is very historic. At the top everyone got scared when a window fell open. It was no big deal but made a loud noise and made us jump. It was cool to see the mountains past the city of Vienna. It reminded me of the London eye.
- lunch: we both had ham and cheese sandwiches with an egg on top and fries underneath at a place near the Ferris wheel. It's an amusement park called Prater.
- museum of modern art: called Mumok. this was in the Museum Quarter. It was very modern and minimalist art. It wasn't my favorite but Blake liked it.
- Spanish riding school: we got to see the real Lipizzaner stallions. They were resting in their stalls. We also saw the arena where they perform. This was the only human guided tour we had and it was our favorite because we could ask questions.
- dinner: we looked forever for a nice place to eat a slow dinner since we had time to spend but we just settled on this one cafe. I got sausage and gravy which I would not recommend anyone else eat. It was like two hot dogs in a sauce of brown liquid. We sat there for a while and each did a word search. Then we shared a lice of famous cake that Sebastian, a German guy we met at the hostel said we had to try. It was very rich, heavy and moist. The name started with S.
- picked up luggage from hostel and went to train station.

Hope you're doing great too.

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