Monday, March 18, 2013

Feels like Winds Day

Today was so cold and windy outside. I needed two coffees to get me through. This means, two coffee shop reviews!

Please Enjoy: I'm not sure what the actual name of this coffee shop is. My cup says Please Enjoy on it and has a picture of a cyclopse with a top hat and handlebar mustache. I took a picture of it for you. It's by DIS, it's underneath some scaffolding.  I went here before class because I heard from other DIS students that they had cheap coffee. Yes they do. Between 10am and noon, coffee is 15kr for students. Cannot beat that. The catch is that it's not a substantial amount or fantastic coffee. I got a latte and it felt like mostly foam and wasn't anything to write home about. I also didn't add sugar, like I normally do, so maybe that had something to do with my taste. The guy behind the counter was extremely friendly and nice. He poured more milk into it to try and fill it up and added chocolate sprinkles on top. The place itself is very small. There are just three tables and they didn't look vey comfortable, just minmal wooden tables. I think I might stop in again because of how cheap the coffee is and try a normal coffee rather than a latte. I don't think I would chill there.

Coffee points: 4
Atmosphere points: 4
Deb Points: 6

Riccos Kaffebar: I love this place! After class, I went out searching for a coffee shop to hangout in, do homework, and review. I easily stumbled upon Riccos. I ordered a chai latte and a chocolate chip cookie (only 16 kr). Both were scrumptious and heavenly. My cookie was soft and my chai was smooth, the way it should be. The girls behind the counter are friendly. I asked one if they had wi fi and she politely told me the password was on the wall. The atmosphere here is great. They have tables, couches, and window bar stools. A wide variety of places to sit. There is also a variety of people who come here. I saw a young family with a baby, teenage boys, a married couple, etc. The music they play is soft enough to not be distracting. It's chill and current music. I love Riccos!

Coffee points: 9
Atmosphere points: 10
Deb points: 10

About my day:

This morning, I tried taking the bus. My host family explained to me what to do the night before. The bus station is right outside their house so it seemed like an attractive alternative to biking or walking to the station. I took the bus to Humlebeck station but got off at the wrong side (so the train on my side of the tracks wasn't going to Copenhagen). I watched the train I wanted to be on go by me as I stood on the other side. To kill twenty minutes and to stay warm by moving around, I looked through the Humlebeck shopping center. The train came and all was fine.

I didn't end my adventurous commute there. I felt compelled to try out getting off at a different stop. I usually get off at Norreport but today I got off at the next station which is Kobenhaven Central station. This is a huge train station where a wide variety of trains come and go. When I walked out, I was a little turned around about which way to walk to DIS. I saw Tivoli and remembered that Tivoli was near a building that was by DIS. So I followed the gates around Tivoli and came to the intersection I recognized and found my way to class.

In creative travel writing, they reviewed my story in class today. I wrote about my relationship with Blake on our trip to Italy. I changed her name to Kate, to be polite in the story. Some feedback I got was that the story should be more 50% about me and 50% about her, I should elaborate on the scene where we miss our train stop, my voice as the narrator came off as annoying (what???), and that it was a unique way to think about travel writing because it was more about the act of traveling and not the destination. I thought it was a fantastic piece and was surprised everyone didn't start praising me as the next Hemingway. Just joking. I can never predict the feedback from writing workshops.


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