Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chill & Nice Weekend

Happy St. Patricks Day!
I'm wearing a lot of green today and I feel very strongly that this post needs to be in green. 
This weekend, I had wide open and was planning to travel or do something but it was too last minute to plan things and it didn't work out. 
Friday, I went to Miaja's birthday party and danced the night away. :-)
Saturday, we had dinner at Yen and Yeni's. Yen is best friends with Ulrik and Yeni is best friends with Gitte. They have two children who are friends with Signe. How perfect? 
Today we went to Frederiksborg Castle. 
It's a really cool castle, where the Queen goes to on her summer holiday. There were so many paintings there and because it was built by Christian the 4th in the Roco period, everything was very ornately decorated. 
Before the castle, we ate a glorious breakfast of pastries, bread, eggs (made by me), bacon, coffee, and juice. I loved every second of breakfast. After the castle, we had herring! I love all fish, especially that one. We had it on rye bread with other various spreads similar to herring. Yum. 
It was a nice lazy weekend. I treated myself to an episode of Parks and Recreation and watching the Lizzie McGuire movie (I wanted to recognize the places in Rome she went).

This is the church inside the castle. It's still used today. 

The room when you first walk into the castle. You can see a lot of animals here because the castle was used for hunting. 

Creative way to display antlers. 

What a tiny bed! 

The swan is the national bird of Denmark and they were looking for food in the water around the castle. 

The famous postcard image of the queen, her son, and grandson. I bought a postcard of this painting. Fun fact: The queen is a chain smoker.  

Me! In the ballroom, in front of a fake dinner party. 

The grand ballroom. 

Christian the 4th built everything. And was proud of it too. C4's are everywhere!

Perfect bed for St. Patrick's Day. 

What the castle looks like. 

Me by a viking ship. 

Gitte, me and Julie in front of the castle. 

Leaving the castle

Last week, my host dad helped me bake a traditional Danish cake, as seen above. 

We had cake today! The right one is chocolate with peanuts and the other is a traditional Danish cake that has a coconut topping. Yummy!

I mailed all my postcards! 

By Miaja's train stop, there is this statue of a man in a bath tub. 

There is video surveillance around him, so no one can try anything funny. I thought about it. 

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