Saturday, March 23, 2013

Helsingor Library

Today was great! The weather was really nice outside. Me, Gitte and Julie went to Helsingor. We ate salads in a nice cafe and went to the Helsingor library. Deb, you can go to a library when you're in America, why would you want to visit one in Denmark? Because this is no ordinary library. It's part art museum, hang out place, study area, playground and library. 

(you can click on the pictures if you want to see them larger)

Me spinning in the really fun chair

Spinning around in the fun chair. I could've spent hours in that chair. 

The library in Helsingor

the coolest chairs ever

They look like those little spinning tops

They had a neat art exhibit where shoes were decorated in unique ways

View from the library window

Note Hamlet's castle in the distance

See the statue?

The library in Helsingor

The view from the window in the library

Really cool globe themed book shelf with a book shelf ladder

Any bookshelf with a ladder is made cooler. 

In Denmark, they park very close to things. Very close. 

The Globe reading area. Kloden means Globe

Coffee bean shoe

Tennis shoe. I get it. Haha

This was my favorite. 

These were so creative

Shout out to Mom. They have your book in Danish.

Calvin and Hobbes in Danish. I felt silly explaining it to my host family, "So there's this little boy Calvin and he has a stuffed animal named Hobbes but Hobbes is real, but only to him"

Heste means Horse.

They had a large selection of horse books

How cute!

The kids play area

I wasn't the only one playing in these chairs

An elephant chiar

Cutest chair

Gitte looking at "he" Learn more about him

So shiny

Having fun taking pictures

He kind of reminded me of a Terminator...

Look at the detail

My host mom and sister said he blinks every half hour. 

He is anatomically correct

Me and "Him"holding hands

Gitte and "him"

The library

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