Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It snowed. Shocker.

Shout out: Thanks Grandmama for the great package. I love you!

Story time!
I go in to the Lego store to buy a lego keychain. A guy aks if I need help in Danish, I say "I'm sorry?" and he switches to English. He's smiling and very friendly about trying to help me. I go to him to buy my Copenhagen lego man keychain. "Where are you from?" he asks. "America" I say, "you?" "Here" he says. I find out he's graduated from high school and working now to make money for college. We talk about how a lot of kids study in Denmark and how Danish is a hard language to learn. He tells me have a nice day and I leave. I walk back to DIS and think to myself, "Wow, he was really nice. And really cute. And I walked away from him. I should go back ask him out." So I confidently walk back into the lego store. "Hi again" he says. "Hi. Do you want to grab coffee sometime?" I ask. "Oh. I don't think my girlfriend would like that." D'oh! He said he thought I was really brave to do that and wished that I really have a good day. Great. 

Today's coffee review

Bagel shop by DIS: I don't know their name but I took a picture of the shop. I was excited to go here because it was a good location and hoped it might be a place I could frequent. Wrong. I open the door and immediately run into a guy who's sitting right by the door talking to the shop owner. I tell the man I want a small latte. He makes it. I pay. He watches me and waits for me to leave. There wasn't anyone except the shop owner and his friend in there. The coffee was okay because I added sugar. It was so small and overpriced. It's such a small shop, that you can't hangout there.

Coffee points: 4
Atmosphere points: 3
Deb Ponts: 2 

Today's restaurant review: 

I tried Sandwich Pigen today. Seemingly every DIS kid except me has been here. I wanted a salad for lunch and I saw online they had salads. When I walked in, there were two other DIS girls there ordering sandwiches. I knew one of the girls from class and chatted with her. I ordered the two meatball pasta salad. I ate it on the train. The meatballs were the size of my first. The pasta salad tasted very healthy. It even came with bread. It was a a huge portion and very filling. I'm not sure if I'll go back. 

Me, my host mom and host sister went to Ikea this evening. My host sister is getting a new room with new wallpaper and furniture so she was picking out new bed sheets and new things. I enjoyed comparing the American Ikea to Denmark's Ikea. The furniture is somewhat different and there is less stuff to buy, probably because it's smaller. 

So many chairs and tables to choose from

A very cute dining table

Me working at my new desk. 

Ikea sign in Danish. 

I wish I had that bunk bed. 

Those bunk beds look so cool. 

Another sign in Danish. 

The downstairs of Ikea

Before you check out

You can eat a hamburger at Ikea if you want. 
More pictures!

Berta! Deep in thought. 

Berta smelling me.

Me and Berta, sharing a moment. 

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  1. While you're here, we should go to the coffee shop where the guy who works there always flirts with me, haha. I think he just does it for business, but it's kind of hilarious. I want you to rate your experience there. :)