Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fair Verona

Hey there,

Today Blake and i spent the day in Verona. It was a two hour train ride away and just eight euros. We ate a quick breakfast ate the train station and enjoyed the relaxing long train ride through the Italian countryside. The mountains are breathtaking.

When we got to Verona, the woman at the train station ticket desk helped us take the right bus and by the right bus ticket. Asking people is a great thing to do when unsure. It was a quick bus ride to the main city center. Everything was marked with directional signs so we did not need to buy a map or guide.

First we of course visited casa di guiletta (Juliet's house). There are two walls filled with people's names and writings. When you emerge into the small plaza you can see her statue and her balcony. Everyone was taking pictures touching her breast, including us. I forget what it means to touch her breast. There was a wall with padlocks on it, I guess to symbolize love. It was a pretty quick tourist place to go.

Second we went to the arena. It was a roman area back in the day. They were doing construction in the middle so we couldn't walk on the ground floor. But it was neat to climb the stairs and see a view of the city.

We ate a leisurely lunch at an outside cafe. We chose one that had old people sitting there because we have learned that restaurants that are not crowded are not crowded for a good reason.

After lunch, we did the tower. I forget the name of it. We took an elevator to see a wonderful view of the city. It wasn't crowded so it was great for pics. We climbed more stairs to see a higher view but it was blocked by chicken wire for safety reasons I guess.

Not sure what to do next, we looked at the signs and agreed to go to the teatro Romano. We walked over a lovely bridge and arrived at a beautiful uncrowned spot. There was an archeological museum there with the ancient theatre. The museum was nothing to rave about. The atmosphere and unspoken vibe of the place was the best though. It was so calm and peaceful. We heard birds chirping, could hear the water, and see Verona. It was not crowded which helped make it a great experience.

We ended the day with delicious Nutella crepes. We took the bus and train back home and ate a light dinner at the train station.

In just five or six hours we saw what a charming and relaxing city Verona is.

Ps: no pictures for now because I'm using my iPad.

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