Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coffeeshop Reviews

I've always really liked coffee shops. In Copenhagen I am thoroughly enjoying the plethora of choices. My new goal (just for fun)  is to sample as many coffee shops as I can and then write short personal reviews. I've gone through and reviewed the places I've been so far. On a scale of 1-10 I ranked how good their coffee was, how nice and comfortable the atmosphere was, and how much I personally liked it. I agree those are the three most important factors in a good coffee shop.

List of cafes and coffee shops I've been to in Copenhagen:

Living Room: This is a cool place because you can go downstairs and chill on the couches without buying anything. Heck I even ate my own sandwich there. The lighting is low and the couches are made of leather and quite large. One morning I bought a small coffee there for 20kr. I drank it black and it was actually great without sugar or cream. The best part was that it came with two chocolate covered coffee beans. I felt comfortable doing my reading sitting on a barstool facing the window. The woman behind the counter was friendly. Lots of Danes hang out here and it's always crowded.
Coffee points: 8
Atmosphere points: 9
Deb points: 8

Squeeze Me First: Like them on Facebook to get deals and specials. I went there and got a coffee, tomatoe soup and bread for something like 30kr. The soup was fantastic. The coffee was standard.The woman who works there is friendly to chat with It's a very small place and the chairs aren't comfy so it's better to take the food to go. Not many people know about this place so it is never crowded.
Coffee points: 6
Atmosphere points: 6
Deb points: 8

Baresso: The Starbucks of Denmark. I went here to study for an exam and that was a mistake. I spent ten minutes waiting in line for an overpriced small coffee and the Wi fi has a time limit. They are always crowded. The coffee was fine. They normally have two floors so there is plenty of space to chill, but there is a wide variety of people who come here; like from children to the elderly. You'll probably have to sit next to a screaming child. You can find better coffee shops with more personality. This is a last resort coffee shop.
Coffee points: 4
Atmosphere points: 3
Deb points: 4

Tea style: This is my most recent favorite. It's a tea shop rather than a coffee shop but I still want to talk about it. They didn't have a chai latte so I tried the original milky tea for 33kr because she said it was the most popular. It was delicious! It even came in a large glass. I wasn't mad that it didn't stay hot very long because even cold it tasted so sweet. Hands down the best part is the chairs. They hang from the cieling so you can bounce in them. Like a hammock. It's mostly an Asian hangout spot so it's great if you want cultural diversity.
Coffee points: 9
Atmosphere points: 9
Deb points: 9

Joe and the Juice: my host sister told me that in order to work at Joe and the Juice you need to be attractive. I had wondered why all of the baristas looked like male models. Their quite friendly to chat with. The atmosphere here is cool because the couches are comfy and they play music like R. Kelly. The juice is okay. It's like a homemade smoothie where there are seeds and chunks in it. I think it's overpriced.
Coffee points: 3
Atmosphere points: 7
Deb points: 6

Studenterhuset: No one can beat their ten kroner coffee and croissant deal. That's what I get. This is a great spot because you can hang out there and not buy anything. It's where a lot of Danes hang out. I think it's too crowded with DIS students sometimes.
Coffee points: 7
Atmosphere points: 8
Deb points: 7

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