Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I feel oh so happy

So I've been very happy this week.

Monday, I was extremely glad to be back in Copenhagen. Every little thing I appreciated. Eating breakfast with my host parents. Taking the train was great. Walking to class I could see all of the beautiful Danes around me. Everything was so perfect. It reminded me of how I first felt when I got to Copenhagen except back then it was mixed with feelings of fear and anxiety. Now I just have the euphoria.

Tuesday I was also happy. I just had one class because my other class was cancelled. I was so eager to take the early train home. Before class, I bought a box of cake mix and a bar of chocolate with mint. I ate my chocolate bar on the train (It was so messy). When I came home, I watched my host sister's One Direction movie. I am now officially a fan of One Direction. They are such a cute and funny boy band.

My host mom made us sloppy joes from her American cookbook. She took it a step above and made her own hamburger buns. They were delicious. Having sloppy joes definitely reminded me of dinners at home.
After dinner, my host dad helped me bake the cake I bought because the directions were only in Danish. It turned out to be a traditional Danish cake with a gooey coconut topping. Yum!

I went on a post card writing binge. I wrote 12 post cards. I bought some stamps today and hope to mail them tomorrow.

Wednesday, today it snowed. I was very surprised to wake up to a winter wonderland because I honestly thought winter was over. It felt like the weather when I first got to Copenhagen so it reminded me again of the feelings I had when I first arrived. I love the snow and think everything looks better with snow on it.

I had a photojournalism workshop from 1 to 4pm where we learned how to edit our photos. It was kind of review to me because I learned that stuff last semester in my photography class. After, I hung out with two friends.

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