Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's it like being an American?

  • Today I didn't have anything scheduled. I saw on Facebook that there was an opportunity for DIS students to go to a Danish high school and talk to them about America. So I went to DIS at 11am and met up with two other boys and our guide. We took the S Tog a few stops away to CPH West, a public technical gymnasium. It was in a lower class part of Copenhagen and there were a lot of immigrants from the middle east. We sat in front of the class and introduced ourselves and talked about what stereotypes they had about Americans and how true or untrue they were. They said Americans were fat, gun wielding, religious, and threw crazy parties. Great. The class divided into smaller groups and each American went to a group where the Danes asked us questions for their assignment they had to write. My first question was "What drugs have you done?" Great. Then, "Have you ever done anything illegal?" Awesome. Throughout the groups I was asked: 
    • Who is my favorite fashion designer? 
    • What is a typical American day? 
    • Why did I come to Denmark? 
    • What's my opinion on the war in Afganistan? 
    • What's my opinion on gay marriage? 
    • How are immigrants treated?
    • Is there racism?
    • Would I like to have free health care?
    • What do I think of Danish culture?
    • What are American traditions?
    • Do I play sports?
    • Do I like cars?
    • Do I like Obama? 
    • The book I have to read. 
      • It was a cool experience and I'm glad I went but it was hard to speak for all of America.   
  • When I came home, I set to work on my mountain of homework. I read more of my book that I need to finish. I went upstairs and read on the couch. After I was halfway through my reading, I took a lovely nap. I was so tired and a power nap was perfect. When I woke up, we ate (potatoe and pepperoni) pizza that my host mom made and red wine meatballs that she made  
  • After dinner we went to the riding school to watch Signe jump. There were four horses jumping around the arena. One brown horse had so much energy that he kept over jumping and bucking. Crazy Signe jumped 1.25 meters today. It was fun to watch but scary in the sense that the girls could've easily gotten hurt. I miss Ginger and Patrick. :(  
Miss you Ginge!
  • I don't know why but I'm not feeling my best. I have a rough sore throat and a weird cough. I'm also tired really often. I think it's from stress and lack of sleep because I have a lot of homework. 

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