Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Day of Class

Edit: this post was originally called Who Cut the Ost? But I wanted to make it a more general title.

Today was a good day. My favorite part was when I didn't get lost on my walk back home.
My host sister knocked on my door and woke me up at 8:55. I had set my alarm for 9. She told me she was leaving and reminded me that the water was shut off between 9-12 (they got a letter in the mail, giving them advanced notice of the construction. It's not like a daily thing.) I quickly got water to brush my teeth and make my coffee. I took a shower yesterday thankfully. It was nice to get ready with the house to myself because I turned on MTV and left it on while I got ready. I like to listen to music in the mornings. I ate Frosted Flakes and a nutella bread piece. I made sure to turn off all the lights and lock the door and I left around 10:15. The train left at 10:30 so I power walked my way to the station. By the time I got there at 10:25, I was sweating and out of breath. I met Cheng there (I didn't know she'd be there) and so we took the train together. We met up in the evening and took the train back together too. I walked to DIS and went to my first class.
My embarrassing moment of the day was when I found my classroom, saw the door was shut and proceeeded to open it. 20 wide eyed students and one startled professor stared back at me. I asked what class it was and they said Danish. Really embarrassed, I quickly shut the door.
I waited and the class let out and then I went inside for Creative Travel Writing at 11:40-1:15.
I like that professor because he has a thick English accent and wore a man cardigan today. He had us talk to our neighbors and then introduce that person to the class. Later, he had us close our eyes and answer what color our neighbor's shirt was. Most people got it right surprisingly. His point was how important it is to notice small details. I think I will like that class.
I had an hour to kill after that. I walked to Tiger and bought a few knick knacks and wandered around a little. I found Tivoli and the Square Hotel.
This is Tivoli, through the construction. 
I spy Tivoli with my little eye.
A very construction heavy street.

At 2:45 I had International Reporting. That class looks cool too. The professor is also a guy with an English accent. Can't ask for a better professor than that. He's the one who told us about his "cake policy" where he will bring us cake and we will take turns brining in cake. Sweet!
At 4:15 I had Strategic Communication. That class was very full. It looks pretty interesting and very practical, unlike some of my other comm classes. Today we talked about the Lance Armstrong Oprah interview. We talked about the communication strategy of it and like why he chose Oprah to talk to and what his PR team was keeping in mind. This is the class that I will go to London with.
After class, I went home with Cheng and made my way successfully home.
For dinner, we ate pizza! It was delicious, especially the cheese on it and the ham. I had three pieces, I was so hungry.
I sat with my host sister and talked about One Direction with her and watched Master Chef. Then I skyped with Emily. Now I'm watching the news with my host parents.

Today I suppose I learned that things do in fact get better and that Ost means cheese in Danish.

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