Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being productive

Last night I made a to-do list for today. It read:
- spend time with horses
- take pictures
- pack for Disney
- clean room

I actually accomplished all of those. I brushed Ginger and gave them their dinner. I went outside and took pictures of the snow. I packed all my clothes for Disney and cleaned my room. It was getting kinda disorganized. I didn't stop by just cleaning my room, I also organized the pantry. I took out all the cans, orgaized them and added labels to the pantry shelves. I'm pretty proud of how organized it looks now.

Now enjoy these lovely pictures I took for you today:
Organized pantry
Phil's-osophy:  Watch a sunset at least once a day.

My current packing for Denmark. 

Our wreath which is very photogenic

I found it amusing how the snow formed an exact point on the bush. 

Neat icicles on the tree

Ginger in the snow

After I brushed her, Ginger was hungry for dinner and did not want me to take pictures with her. She's a diva. But I love her. 

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