Monday, January 28, 2013

Being more social

Just another Manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday. That's my fun day. My I don't have to run day.

I went in to Copenhagen early today to meet Liesje at 10. We chatted at the Studenterhuset. I got a croissant and a coffee for just 10kr. What a bargain. She shares a lot of the same feelings and anxieties about things too so it was nice to sort of compare feelings with someone familiar from back home. We talked for about and hour and a half about how we're adjusting and what we're doing this summer.

A picture I found on Google images. 

I was the last one to arrive in my creative travel writing class so I was sandwiched next to two kids in the back of the room, near the loud kid with the speech impediment. I know I mentioned him last week but he's just very...noticeable I guess. Not in a good way. I mean he's kinda a "bro" so it's more of an annoying feeling than a sympathetic feeling. That's off topic. In class, we went over the reading so I was glad I did them. He had us write a paragraph about our home. It was a easy exercise. I wrote about my two story cardboard box. Just kidding. Then we shared a few of the paragraphs and talked about what they included and didn't include.

During my two hour gap I went to the studenterhuset again to meet my group for our presentation for strategic communication. The guy in our group never showed up. He claims he forgot. The wifi didn't work so we couldn't do much but edit our powerpoint. After fifteen minutes, me and a girl from my group walked back to DIS. We chatted about where we were from and how different Denmark is. I spent the rest of my break in a coffee shop called "The Living Room". I had tried going there on Friday but it was too crowded. Today it wasn't as crowded. There was a guy from my creative travel writing class there too. They have very comfy couches all over but it's very dark. It's just lit by candlelight which gives it a very cozy feel.
A picture I found on Google.

In International Reporting, we looked at two different news articles and guessed what publication they were from and explored whether they were biased or not. It was interesting.

In Strategic Communication, our group was the first to do a current affairs report. We presented on UK possibly leaving the EU. It was a very complicated news event to chose, in my opinion. I wanted to present on the Brazil club fire. Anyway, the presentation went fine. The questions some students answered were hard to answer but I don't think we're graded on that part. We continued our lecture on reputation management. Then we got into groups and had to talk about what we would do if we were communication managers for a big company and a journalist called asking about rumors that a subcontractor was using child labor. We agreed to give a brief comment about how our company is taking this very seriously and is investigating and that we will get back with them soon. It was cool PR role playing.

After class, I met up with my friend Blake. We went out to eat at a place called Nova. It wasn't very crowded. I got sushi (again) and she got pizza. They even gave us free bread. I was excited to get the house rose wine and Blake got the house white wine. Our waitress was very nice to us. It wasn't a very Danish dinner but it was nice.

Then, we walked back to the train station and stopped at an Irish Pub along the way. I got a Magnes Cider and she got a dark beer. I loved my cider! Blake didn't like hers as much.

This is The Globe Irish Pub. We sat by the window. It wasn't this crowded and no one was smiling. 

Blake and I are going to Italy over the travel break. She came to dinner with our journey all mapped out which was a nice surprise because I hadn't started planning it.

It was after 8 so I had to go to Osterport and take a different train home. On the platform I ran into a guy I recognized. In the morning I actually recognized him on the train but didn't say anything to him. I felt like I was stalking this kid, but we just coincidentally took the same train. I think it was because of the cider and wine (I wasn't drunk, I didn't even feel it because we ate dinner beforehand and drank water.) but I approached him and said hi. It was probably a little creepy because I was like, "You're in DIS right? You're Peter right?" I knew more about him than he knew about me.
We sat together on the train and talked. He's done a lot of traveling so we just talked about that. I was just proud of myself for talking to a boy. Baby steps.


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