Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I cut the cheese

^ I want props for this creatively funny title. ^

It feels weird writing in my blog now because I started using my journal to express more personal thoughts (sorry Internet, you're not cool enough to know about my dreams or my feelings) and I just finished writing my first draft of my creative travel writing paper where I chose to experiment with how the same day is described very differently in a public blog and in a personal journal. He told us to try different voices and experiment but I'm worried about it being too scattered or unfocused. That's just how I write my blogs. (oh hey a peppermint. yum.) By writing it this way I'm also revealing stuff about my life as well as my insecurities to my classmates because it's going to be workshopped. Don't worry I changed the name of the cute guy I talked to on the train when I mentioned him in my paper.

Okay, so today was Wednesday and I didn't have any classes or field studies. Around 10, Gitte picked me up and we drove to their cheese shop in Lyngby. It looks like this:

This pic came from their website. But it did really look like that. 
Unlike the Elsinore shop, this one is in a mall. It's not as big as the other one. We unloaded wheels of cheeses and heavy boxes of things from her mini van and moved them to the fridge. I was amazed at how strong Gitte is and how weak I am. The cheeses made the car stink, that's for sure. 

Next we drove to the cheese shop in Elsinore/ Helsingor (Idk which to call it). There, we got lunch. For me it was ham and cheese on a baguette and for Gitte it was sausage on dark Danish bread. After lunch, she had a meeting with a guy about advertising in the local paper. I sat in the office and played a game on my phone. That made me feel like a little kid. 

I helped Gitte make rum and raisin cream cheese, orange cream cheese, and regular cream cheese. We had to measure out 2kg of the cheese first and then divided it into .2 kg chunks that were rolled around in nuts. My job was to make sure the weight was right and to keep count of them. It was very messy work. 

This is the type of cheese I helped portion out, weigh and add nuts to. 

Fun fact: they just started an online business for their cheese shop through a third party website. It only serves the area of Copenhagen but it's still fun to look at. 

By this point, I was pretty tired. I had my unwritten creative travel writing paper looming over my head and I was tired of listening to Danish all day. The language difference is starting to get me down. I feel as if I'm surrounded my an unfamiliar language and unable to listen or participate because of it. I've become too good at nodding, smiling, and zoning out while I hear Danish around me. Here are all of the things in Danish that I can't understand: the newspaper, some tv channels and shows, anything in a shop, phone calls, books in bookstores, signs, train announcements, menus, conversations, and some websites. I think today I just got tired of Gitte talking in front of me so much in Danish.

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