Friday, January 18, 2013

Learning my way around photos

I brought my camera today and remembered to take pictures. I felt like such a tourist with my camera. Maybe next time I'll bring my nicer SLR camera so I'll seem like more of a photographer than a tourist.
The square by DIS. Idk the name. 

V5, The main DIS building. 

I love this name. It's how I know I'm going the right way because I have to pass it on my way to class. 

The DIS square again. 

What a great shop name

I haven't been here, but heard it's good. 

Lots of bikes

Greyfriar Square

What colorful buildings

A very old tree

No one was eating outside today

A mix of nature and urban life

A good place to chill

It's like the University of Copenhagen's coffee shop

Oh what a nice statue

Haha, they are drinking and smoking.

Neat detail on the building

Shopping street

Cool looking building

Two levels of bikes

I make sure to pass this on my way to class so I don't get lost.

Thought this was cool. I think that's beer...

I pass a McDonalds on my way home. 

My train station

A double decker train, that I dont ride

My station

Staying warm while walking home

A cool house I saw

I reached my destination

Berta being cute


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