Thursday, January 24, 2013

"That will be 80kr"

I was inspired by a girl I talked to yesterday to try harder on my outfit than I normally do. So I wore leggings, a purple dress, a black cardigan and a scarf. It was an upgrade from my usual pants and a sweater.

Just as I was about to head out walking to the train station, Ulrik's father pulled up with Berta and offered me a ride to the station. Yes! Normally he comes too early or too late for me to catch a ride with him.

I got to Copenhagen an hour early. Not knowing what else to do, I looked around H&M and Matas. At Matas, I bought a eyeshadow brush. I figured it wouldn't be very expensive. The woman at the cash register said it was 80kr. The price didn't register until I had left the shop. I had paid $16 for a eyeshadow brush. Later in the day, I went to a different Matas and returned the brush without a problem and got my money back. I'm very happy I returned it. That's not even funny, paying that much for a stupid little brush that I didn't even need.

I had Creative Travel Writing first in my day. We discussed our readings (glad I did them) and talked about tourist vs. traveler and what the word exotic means. They were good discussions. There is one kid in our class who has a lisp and he makes a point to talk multiple times each class period. It's the kinda lisp where he doesn't pronounce 's' right. I find it very noticeable, but maybe I'm the only one.
During my break between classes, I used my phone to help me find this place I'd been looking for called "Squeeze Me First." I'd heard kids say they had cheap coffee. I found it and was shocked at how small it was. There was hardly enough room to sit down and eat. I saw on Facebook they had a daily special for facebook fans which was tomato soup (with pasta in it) and bread for 25kr. I got that and a coffee. The soup was very delicious. It was a sweet and creamy tomato soup that was perfect for the cold weather outside. When I was done, I was proud that I didn't spill any. I look down and see two huge orange spots on my dress. Damn.

At DIS I went to a bathroom (that had a puddle of pee by the seat and smelled so disgusting I couldn't breathe through my nose. I blame the boys. They are co ed bathrooms. Boys are disgusting.) and used my tide to go wipe to clean up the spots the best I could.

With time still to kill, I walked to the Copenhagen tourist office because Samantha Brown told me to. It was pretty empty. It's connected to a coffee shop which is kind of strange. I grabbed some free brochures and another map.

My 2nd class of the day was International Reporting. We had to submit to him a half page article about our partner that we interviewed Monday. He told me I did a good job but forgot to include a headline or subheadline. Whoops! I'm used to other people writing those. In class, he gave each group a food and asked us to taste and describe it in a non biased way. My group got these gummy black licorice fish called like Salty Fish. It was so disgusting. I wrote: "Salty Fish taste and look like a sweedish fish that has been left out in the hot sun all day and spoiled. They look ominously black with no smiling face, fins, or eyes. The taste lingers in the mouth for several minutes. A starving feral cat would not eat Salty Fish. They taste like candy that has sat in the ocean for a few years." Haha. I wasn't very unbiased. Other groups had rye bread, canned fish, and mackerel.

In Strategic Comm, we talked about the 2006 Mohammed Cartoon Crisis in Denmark. We discussed whether a U.S. newspaper should reprint the cartoons when covering the news about it. We also learned what is a reputation and how to manage it.

I had a meeting at the Studenterhuset for interested volunteers at 6. I went to that and it was very crowded. I signed up to help at the cafe/ bar. The meeting only lasted less than an hour so I was able to take my normal train home.

I called my host parents but they didn't pick up. So I had to walk home. :( and cold face. My host mom came home shortly and she made me an omelet. We watched a show like What Not to Wear but in Denmark. The host woman touched the other woman's breast! They showed her trying on bras and touching her breast. I was shocked. I can't get over the fact that they say shit and fuck on the TV. Little kids and old women will say "That was fucking fantastic" or "She's so fucking beautiful." I gasp each time.

My host father asked me what I learned today and I felt kind of embarrassed when I just said "Uhhhhhh." As I blog and reflect, I suppose I learned a lesson about money value. I'd rather buy a tomato soup and bread than a eyeshadow brush.

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