Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day of January

There's never a dull moment here in the Espergærde house. Something new every day. Signe went off to western denmark for a riding competition until Sunday. Yesterday Julia got her drivers license (they get it at 18 and have to drive a manuel car) and her parents surprised her with a car. So that was very cool. This weekend Julia is also helping a family friend at Copenhagen fashion week. 

I woke up at 7 today, ate breakfast with my family, lounged around and finished my reading for today. I caught the 10:10 train instead of the 10:30 train. I just went to DIS early and coincidently found a few of my friends from my creative travel writing class sitting at a table. 

In creative travel writing, we talked about our paper that's due today and went over the readings for today. I think he was disappointed at our lack of participation. 

During my break, I wasn't as adventurous as I normally am. After discovering that the classroom I was going to print off my photojournalism pics had a class in it, I just chilled in a DIS building. I watched some youtube and ate lunch. of course I also did my readings for today and tomorrow. 

In international reporting class, we watched a danish film called Armadillo about the Danish army's involvement in Afghanistan. It was interesting but not my cup of tea. 

In strategic communication, we went over what we'd be doing next week which is core couse week. We don't have our normal classes and instead we will be going to Aarhus and Odense. We'll be staying at a hostel and going around taking tours and interviewing different media businesses. Should be a good time. 

Going back to the language thing, I know the Danish words for yes, no, thanks, sale, mom, dad, bye, and hello. I just don't know signs for like "door locked" or "train delayed". Most people speak Danish so I can always ask. It's the spoken language that sometimes bothers me. It just sounds like weird gibberish that's so fast and strange sounding. I can only pick out basic words occasionally. 

Apparently DIS is predicting my moods and feelings on the spot because they sent my parents a letter explaining to them this is around the time students start to notice the cultural differences. I guess it makes sense that once the initial excitement wears off, you start to notice how different things are. 

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