Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walking around Helsingør

On a walk with Berta & FarFar
This morning, I went for a walk with FarFar (my host dad's father) in the woods with Berta (the dog) and to FarFar's garden. It was so beautiful both in the woods and in the garden. It was quite relaxing and nice to be with FarFar. Berta is so cute because she gets really happy when FarFar comes to the house but really sad when he drops her back off at home. FarFar smiled and said "Berta's my dog" :)

Selfie behind the cheese shop
He dropped me off in Helsingør where I went to my host family's cheese shop. Ulrik showed me around Helsingør like where the best shops are and the church that him and Gitte were married in. We walked to the area near the Helsingor library where there is a harbor and the statue of the boy Little Mermaid named "Him" . He blinks once every hour. It's really great to see all the things that I had seen in the winter time but now to experience them in the summer. I walk around places and think "Oh I remember being cold over there or that thing being covered in snow." Ulrik told me about the old ships in the harbor and how the area has evolved over he years. We drank some delicious vanilla iced coffees at the library cafe, talked about life and looked at the harbor.

Me and "Him"
We went to the new Maritime Museum of Denmark  which was the most unique museum I've ever been to. It's built in an old shipyard. You walk down these big ramps to get to it and all of he museum kind of overlaps each other in a way. It has such a Danish design and is so modern looking. I learned a lot about ships, WWI and ships used for shipping.

We went back to the cheese shop and I went shopping with Gitte. We went to to Fotex and I always love Danish grocery stores because there are honestly more similarities than differences between American grocery stores. Yeah there are a few different foods but it's organized pretty similarly and it works the same of course.
Julie playing the drums 

Gitte and I went to the Espergaerde center to see Julie's marching band. They sounded really great and it was so nice to see them after hearing so much about them.

Today Gitte's egg chair finally came. She ordered it back in January so she had waited a long time for it. Her face lit up like a child unwrapping a Christmas present when she opened the package. The egg chair is very Danish and looks nice.

Gitte loves her new egg chair :) 

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