Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At home in the city of Copenhagen

Today I went to Copenhagen with Julie and ate a nice dinner with some close family friends of my host family.

Julie and I went to go get fresh bread and pastries from the supermarket for breakfast. We quickly ate some bread when we got home and then drove to catch the train. The train we were hoping to catch was cancelled so we had 20 minutes to eat our pastries. I've missed Danish bread and pastries!

In Copenhagen, we saw the Royal Guard at Rosenborg. They were marching, playing drums and flutes. We walked around near Norreport until we saw a Tiger. I did some much needed shopping in Tiger :) It was so wonderful to walk around Copenhagen both because the weather was nice and because I knew it so well. Like, Julie wasn't sure how exactly to get to Cafe Paludon and I knew the way. We ate there for lunch. I got the herring because Denmark is where I learned to love herring and it's tough to find in the States.

  We went to Nyhavn and then to Amelienborg. I could totally be a Copenhagen tour guide. I know my way around pretty well. I felt at home stepping off the Norreport train because I knew where to go. It was near Amalienborg that we saw a crowd of people around a boat. Julie overheard them say that the Crown Prince was coming. Sure enough, he came out of the palace and got onto the boat!

We continued our touristy journey and went to The Little Mermaid. We ate some delicious ice cream there. We caught the train from Osterport and went back to Espergaerde.

Some of my host parent's friends came over (I'm not sure how to spell their names...) and we had dinner with them. They are so funny and it was great to see them again.
At Amalienborg

One of those men is the Crown Prince

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