Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Flight over

The flight from Columbus to Chicago was fine. I sat by the window, next to a nice quiet girl. I read my book about Denmark and Divergent on my ipad.

The Chicago airport can be so confusing because it isn't labeled which terminal the International one is. Thank goodness my mom told me to go to #5 because she was right. I took a little train there. It was a bit surreal how much I remembered Chicago from when I was there returning from Copenhagen with Miaja and Liesje. I recognized parts also from when we flew out of there to London.

I bought a not so great cup of coffee and a banana nut muffin since I had like two hours to kill. I was glad I had a long layover because getting past security and to my gate took like 45mins. When I boarded the plane, I heard some Danish and saw Danes I started to smile a lot. Yay. On the plane, I sat next to a nice guy from Norway. He was an electrician and he had a wife and two kids. He wasn't shy about telling me how great Norway is.

I slept for maybe 3 hours, read like half of Divergent, and watched some TV. The food they gave us on the plane was really yummy. For dinner we had beef, potatoes, carrots, bread and a lemon cake desert. I was content. The flight was fine until we landed and that's when I got impatient, like just let me off already. It was a long line to show them my US passport and then it took a while to get my luggage. I was like I just want to see my host family!

In Denmark  

Julie took these really sweet pictures of me, Gitte and
 my birthday cake
Gitte and Ulrik met me at the airport and we were happily reunited! When we came home, I was reunited with Julie and Signe (they had school). I cried when I saw my old room again because I had dreamed about this moment for so long and was so happy to be back. My host family gave me a really nice Troll Beads bracelet for my birthday.

Almost all of the Sjoltov family came over for dinner. It was soooo nice to see everyone again and chat with them. Gitte baked me a traditional Danish birthday layer cake (lagekage) with candles and everything. I'll always remember that moment when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to me :) I tried to blow out all 22 of the candles but 7 didn't go out so apparently that means I have 7 boyfriends-- one for each day of the week!

I also wanted to clarify that I am not moving to Denmark, I'm just here for a little less than two weeks.

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