Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today in Pictures

Experience my Wednesday through the pictures I took today:

I rode my bike to the station, like I do frequently, and parked it alongside all the other commuter bikers.  

I caught this poor guy sprinting to the train. He was running to 7/11 on the other side to buy a ticket. 

The train to Helsingor came at 8:52 and picked up a large group of children.

In Norreboro, I found this duck swimming in pollution. Poor guy. That water looked disgusting.

I got really distracted and began to take a lot of photographs of the ducks. Bear with me.  

This is the bridge between Norreboro and Copenhagen. 

This female duck was standing on one leg the whole time I saw her. I think something was wrong with her leg. 

This little pigeon has my same expression I have when I look at abstract art. haha. 

Is this mallard standing on water? Wow! No, he's just smart and standing on a rock in the water. Deception. 

Three swans and Copenhagen. Fun Fact: The swan is the national bird of Denmark. 

Swans, pretty clouds and a nice bridge. I was so happy the weather was nice today. 

People biking during their lunch breaks, moving much faster than the cars. 

Everyone has to stop at red lights, even busses and bikers. 

I went to Rosenborg Castle today. It was such a major tourist attraction, I just had to go. I'm proud of the composition on this picture. I like the leading lines of the bushes. 

Inside Rosenborg. 

Proof I was there. 

The King's chair made of ivory and the Queen's chair made of silver. Good ol' Christian the 4th. Nothing but the best for his butt. Note the lion in the picture. 

I really enjoyed this crown. So many details. The pearls, the gems, and jewels. Wish I could wear it.  

Emerald jewelry. I appreciated this because emerald is my birthstone. I just know those earrings would look great on me. :)  

Why I came to Rosenborg: To see the royal crowns. 

Top of Rosenborg Slot. 

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