Friday, April 26, 2013

That Calls for a Carlsberg

Today is the "great prayer day" or Store Bededag so I didn't have class and my host parents didn't have work at the cheese shop today.

We started the day by getting bread at the nearby bakery. I went with Ulrik and helped pick out some pastries. The bread in the middle is the special bread made called varme hveder. 

We went to the Carlsberg museum.  

 I liked this trailer because of the horses inside the horseshoes. 
These are the new Somersby bottles. Each one is a different animal print.  I had one before the Ellie Goulding concert in a cafe. The flavor is called Wild Cactus. 

I love Somersby! It tastes like sweet juice soda. 

Rainbow of Somersby. 

Me petting a Jutland horse in the Carlsberg stable. He kept trying to eat my shirt. 

The horse was a mix between Belgian and Jutland horse. He was so sweet. I think I'm giggling in this picture because he was trying to eat me (well maybe my shirt was apple scented). 

Ulrik petting the horse. 

Ulrik and Gitte with the horse. 

My next car. 

 Old Carlsberg bottles. 

 They had a fun sniff station where you could smell different flavors and scents. Citrus was the best. 
A really funny quote. 

Me eating herring and drinking a Carlsberg in the cafe bar area. We got coupons for two drinks. First I got a Jacobsen beer that was sweet and then a classic Carlsberg. 

Outside, everyone just stuck their stickers on the pole. 

Hugging the elephant's trunk. 

We stopped at a flower shop and my host parents were nice enough to let me pick out flowers for my room. 

After Carlsberg, we stopped by an ice cream place and all got ice cream. It was really delicious because the ice cream was just the right amount of soft. Great day! 

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