Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thursday through Tuesday. Fasten your Seat belt.

This is my catch up blog post. I had an extended break and now I need to catch you up to speed. I won't be able to tell you the color of my underwear for each day of the week but I can give you the CliffNotes version of my week. 
  • Thursday: Social Butterfly
    • Met Blake in the morning. We got breakfast at Cafe Pauldan. I got the Morning Special and loved it. That is the kind of bookstore/ coffee shop / cafe I want to someday open in America. 
    • Met Miaja in afternoon. I ran into her while sitting at DIS. We had a lovely chat. I also chatted with my friend Liz. 
    • Dinner with Cheng. We ate dinner at a sandwich place on Norregade and caught up. We had so much new news to inform each other on. 
  • Friday: Debates and Explosions
    • Human Trafficking Debate: My group argued yes victims of trafficking should be granted asylum in countries. The debate went fine but it was a bit stressful preparing and organizing what each member in our group would say. Supposedly our professor wasn't pleased with the debate the class before us did, so maybe that lowered her expectations for our group. It was fine in the end.  
    • Lunch at Sandwich Pigen. I had a 60kr coupon because I filled out a DIS survey. What what!
    • Iron Man 3: I could write a lot about this. Here is the SparkNotes version: I met a woman from Bornholm waiting for the bus, we talked and I really liked how enthusiastic and out there she was. When we said goodbye, she said "Goodbye future journalist" in her airy sweet voice. Best way to say goodbye ever. I get off the bus, and realize I'm fifteen minutes walking from the theater  I get to the there at 4 instead of 3:45 like I was supposed to. The DIS group is inside, with my ticket I was supposed to pick up. I walk outside, defeated and call my mom to complain to her about how my life sucks (exaggeration). A girl runs up to me and asks if I'm with DIS. She says I have your ticket. Hallelujah  So I do end up seeing Iron Man 3. So many explosions in that movie. It reminded me of Terminator, with the demon fire people roaming around. If you like action movies, then go see Iron Man 3. I won't go see it again with you. 
    • I came home, and ate dinner and drank wine with my host family and Pernille's family. Story of my life: drinking wine. (exaggeration) 
  • Saturday: Roller coasters and Light up floors
    • Flea market: I went to the Studenterhuset Flea Market with my friend Jen. I bought a pair of earrings, a ring and 2 bracelets. We got coffee and walked around Copenahgen and talked. 
    • Bakken: I went to Bakken (the oldest amusement park in the world) with Jen. I had so much fun at Bakken. I wish we could've stayed longer / go back again. You'll have to tear my ride wrist band off me because I'm not cutting it off. 
    • Went out to Night Fever: Jen invited me to go out in Copenhagen so I did. We went to this 90s / 80s club called Night Fever. Besides the older crowd that was there, it was a really fun time. They had the classic light up dance floor, like from Saturday Night Fever.
  • Sunday: Spring Picnic and Ice Cream
    • We went to the DIS picnic: Gitte and I packed up the picnic basket, picked up Cheng and Susan and headed out to the DIS sponsored picnic. It was cool to see so many Danes mixed in with the American students so seamlessly. I spent the majority of the picnic catching up with Miaja. We just had so much to talk about. After the picnic, the four of us stopped for ice cream by the ocean. I really enjoyed that moment. Not only because of the delicious ice cream, but because of the company I was with, our philosophical conversation and just watching the black Labrador jump in and out of the ocean playing fetch with his owner
  • Monday: Final Monday and Concert
    • Last creative travel writing class. At the end of class, he gave us a disposable camera and told us to take whatever pictures we wanted and then he would develop the film and send us prints.
    • Lunch with Liesje at Cafe Paludan
    • Last international reporting class. 
    • Two Door Cinema Club Concert: I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was a bunch of young hipster guys who knew how to have a good time. The music was so energetic and so everyone was jumping up and down and dancing. A fun time was had by all.  
  • Today (Tuesday): Final Tuesday and Sunlight
    • Last photojournalism class- I'm pretty sure real photojournalists don't print their photos on normal paper and then use spray paint glue to stick them onto a piece of cardboard. 
    • Last human trafficking class- today was the other half of the class debating whether prostitution should be illegal or legal. It got pretty heated and both sides brought up valid points. 
    • Most importantly, it's sunny in Copenhagen. (Shout out to a special little yellow dog who would love this weather- Yeah you Sunny Bear! Wuv you.)

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